Kickr Resistance Off Recently

So it seems after the latest Zwift update the resistance on my Kickr has seemed off. It seems to get easy up hills and can be excruciatingly difficult on flats and descents (I guess sort of what power smoothing might feel like even though I’ve never used power smoothing) I don’t think anything in the Wahoo app got changed (and anyway shouldn’t Zwift override stuff in the app?).

Any ideas what I can do?

Have you updated the Kickr firmware recently? There was an update that seems to have messed things up and others have backed out that firmware.

Experiencing similar issues with tacx flux trainer. Today I gave up with zwift session as no matter what I tried the problem persisted . I have not been able to pinpoint the cause, .last time I used trainer it was fine. I ensure the only Bluetooth connections are between the ipad and the trainer.have rebooted ipad, power cycle trainer, recalibrate trainer …nothing seems to fix issue. Maybe it depends on the phase of the moon…

Getting increasingly despondent and peeed off.i bought trainer for winter months and am unable to use it as intended

I just upgraded from a Wahoo Snap to a Kickr. I am experiencing the same thing described by Tristan with my Kickr. The resistance gets easier going up hill and then seems to adjust after climbing for more than a minute. The same happens on downhills where the resistance will get harder.

I have also experienced fluctuations in resistance when the grade is 0%.

My Kickr is on firmware version 4.2.1 and hardware version 6.

Do I need to downgrade my firmware? How would I do that?

Others have had problems with that firmware and Zwift. So yes, should probably downgrade. I’ll see if I can find the instructions.

Edit - see Zwift won't adjust power and terrain after latest Wahoo KICKR firmware v4.21 [SOLVED] - #16 by Tom_Antonucci

Thanks Steve!