Kickr Core resistance issue

I seem to have developed a problem in the last couple of weeks where resistance on the flat feels a bit stronger, I noticed resistance getting easier on uphills and harder on downhills, and sometimes it seems to just stay the same.

Kickr Core - firmware 1.1.3
Ant+ connection with extension cable close to the Kickr
Windows 10 laptop

The Wahoo app can control resistance when used with my phone over Bluetooth, so the brake must be working. I’ve tried a factory spin down and uninstalled/reinstalled Zwift.

Anyone else found something similar?

I vaguely recall this issue has come up in past… here’s what a find on a search:

TL;DR: you might consider rolling back the firmware.

There’ve been a few other threads but they may not be helpful…

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Thank you for the info. I tried some of this.

It turned out to be a faulty ANT+ dongle. It must have been receiving power data but not sending the FE-C data. Fixed with a new one.

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