Kickr Core resistance control

Hey guys,

Anyone else having problems with Zwift controlling resistance on Kickr Core?
I just got a brand new one, connected up, updated to latest firmware, done spin down on Wahoo app, logging in to my Zwift account, Zwift sees it, as well as my HRM and Cadence sensor, so so far so good.

Then start riding, and no change in resistance, going into settings, the option of changing trainer difficulty, doesn’t come up either…
Have sent a few log files to Zwift on Friday, but so far haven’t heard back from them.

Essential information for the question: did you select the Core as a controllable trainer, a separate selection from selecting it as the power source?


and if you are using ANT+ make sure you select the FE-C option

No ANT+, everything Bluetooth

Will have a look at that actually

Did you ‘unpair’ it from the Wahoo app?

Yes I did, all good now!

Thanks Steve, that was the issue :grin: Thanks everyone!