No resistance control for my Kickr Core

Hey guys, haven’t been on Zwift for about 4 weeks, so I did a spin down on Wahoo app, logged into Zwift and the program doesn’t pick up cadence sensor and not controlling resistance…
Seems like it happens every year this time…
Not happy…

What device are you running Zwift on?

Are you using ANT+ or Bluetooth to connect the trainer to Zwift?

Bluetooth, haven’t had any issues since this time last year and done about 10000km

Ohh, running it on iPad, last gen

Are you using Windows?

Edit - You beat me to this question

Nah, apple doesn’t have that silly stuff!:crazy_face:

Had this issue with a new Core, upgraded to latest Core firmware and it is now working fine.

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I think you figured this out @Mike_Angove_TBR - Nice! :ride_on:

KICKR CORE Firmware v1.0.12 - 16 September 2019

  • Fixed a bug affecting speed and power after certain spindowns