Kickr resistance issue with Zwift

My Kickr doesn’t register resistance changes in Zwift. Really disappointed - invested a lot of money and already problems
I have done spindowns, deleted apps, reinstalled…it works a couple of minutes and then drops out.
Is there something else I can try?

Are you connecting is a controllable trainer on the pairing screen?
Are you connecting using ANT+ or BLE?
If ANT+ are you connecting using FE-C?
What do you have the difficulty slider set at?

I am no techno junkie, so I dont always know al the abbreviations
I use Zwift on an Ipad Air. On my Kickr the bluetooth light is on and the Ant is red

Tech junkie, I guess you are not meaning that as an insult?

Did you pair the trainer are controllable on the pairing screen?
What do you have the difficult slider set at? Look in the settings menu.

My difficulty slider is now at 50% but I have had it at the max because there were no resistannce. It
Didn’t make any difference

No, not an insult at all!

Are you still there?

There was a recent ios update that was supposed to address resistance issues. For my kickr, the biggest thing was to make sure that the wahoo fitness and utility apps or any other apps that might pair the trainer were shut down so as not to inadvertently hold the bluetooth signal hostage.

Based on the screenshot, the Kickr looks to be paired properly.

Check that you have the latest update for the Zwift app. If not, update. Then, I would unpair the cadence and heart rate to see if you get it working properly with only the Kickr. At the same time, make sure all related apps on your phone are closed and that the phone bluetooth is disabled. Lastly, if you have a Garmin or the like, don’t turn it on.

If you’re still having issues, hate to say it, but check that thread above that Paul linked. And while Zwift will look at the forums and occasionally chime in here, I would definitely open a support ticket from the main site.