Zwift not changing resistance on KICKR CORE

Hello everyone,

I have a new Wahoo KICKR CORE and after the first two rides the app hasn’t been able to adjust the resistance, despite me using the same set up. Flat, up or downhill it all feels the same.
I run the Win10 app. KICKR is connected via bluetooth to my PC and to Garmin Edge 530 (only as power meter to avoid interference).
I tried to run the app even with the Garmin and the companion app turned off and it still doesn’t work despite the app saying that sensors’ connection is all right.
It’s not a hardware problem because I tried other competitors’ software and it works smoothly there.

I really like the idea of training with this app, but I cannot afford to waste as much time as I did in these two days to make it work (without succeeding).

Thank you

On the pairing screen, double check that the Kickr is paired as both power and controllable. The latter is what gives you the resistance.

Hello Lin,
I did pay attention to that, sensor is paired as controllable but doesn’t work.

@Alessandro_Carrettin there are many forum threads on this problem lately. You have the first correct clue in realizing to turn off the Garmin 530 until after you are connected to Zwift. For many, Bluetooth has been the culprit. It could be the BT on your computer not being up to snuff, could be Wifi interference.

A couple things to try:

  1. Install the Zwift Companion App on your phone, then in the pairing screen upper right corner, tap on the gear icon, then select Bluetooth via the Companion App. See if that helps. It works better for some people, flaky for others
  2. Purchase a cheap ANT+ USB dongle for your computer. Folks have had good success with the ANSELF device. I first tried the CYCPLUS and it failed miserably as others have seen, then learned of the ANSELF recommendation. It works great. Rock solid connections.
  3. If using and ANT+ USB dongle, also put it on a short USB extension cable.

See this article on ZwiftInsider

Search in the forum and you’ll see a lot of discussion on connection issues and suggestions. Far better than trying to retype the info here.

I went through the same challenges and eventually got it working using the ANSELF ANT+ USB dongle and extension cable approach. I started with a Kickr Snap and have transitioned to a Kickr Core and it works great with both.

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