No resistance on new kickr core?

Just bought kickr core. Went ok 1st time but today no resistance. Checked it works using wahoo training app. Paired and unpainted it. Unplugged and started again from scratch. Still no luck. Had no trouble with budget smart trainer which was £400 less. Using bluetooth with new laptop bought at same time as budget smart trainer in june. Anyone else having trouble today? Maybe it’s a zwift issue and coincidental that I’m on new kickr? Thanks. Linda

hi @Linda_Halden, how are you pairing the Kickr in Zwift, are you pairing it as controllable and power? I assume you are on windows 10. Make sure no other devices are grabbing the signal such as your phone if you have the wahoo app open.

I would also suggest moving to ant+, windows 10 bluetooth seems to have a lot of issues. I used it in the past and always, like multiple times per ride, had signal drops and issues. I switched to ant+ and almost never have signal issues.

Fantastic advice. Thanks. Will source dongle. Many thanks

Hi Mike. You’re a star! ANT+ dongle and extension delivered and I’m back on zwift. I googled whether cadence sensor was needed on kickr but it stated it’s now built in. However no rpm on left screen top although showing on companion app. I will put it back on I think. I notice that I’m now using bluetooth and ANT+ (as advised on screen by the squirrel :smile:). Hope this numpty has got it right now? Prior to covid I’d never used much technology so have had to learn quick. Very grateful to you for responding so quickly. Linda