Kickr Bike resistance issues [April 18, 2024]

I was on zwift on Monday and all was well. I started it today and it downloaded a zwift patch but when I started a ride the resistance was all over the place - going up hill felt like flat and then at some point on the flat the resistance was that high that I could barely turn the pedals. Kickr firmware is up-to-date and I restarted several times to see if that resolved the problem and it didn’t so I had to give up.

Anyone else experiencing this or have ideas on how to resolve? Cheers.

Hello @Andrew_Fryer welcome to Zwift forums.

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. I looked at your game log files and noticed something else changed in the past month. There is a Jabra Evolve2 65 headset in your environment that was not present before. Long shot, but it might be possible that Bluetooth device causes your trainer signal to drop out.

Please try these steps:
Unpair the Jabra headsets from your laptop in Windows OS Bluetooth & other devices settings.
Reboot the laptop and restart Zwift
Try the reproduce the issue on the same route as your previous route.

Reconnect the Jabra headset
Restart Zwift
Try to reproduce the issue on the same route.

Would you let us know what happens?

Hi, thanks for the response and apologies for the delay in getting back to you. I did a ride today and prior to that I disconnected all bluetooth devices. It was slightly better but in no way right. The resistance seemed to be ok going uphill albeit with a slight lag where my position and the resistance didn’t seem to match. Going downhill was a total different issue though. As you’ll be able to see from the log files there were times where the descent was >10% and I was still pumping out over 200 watts. That doesn’t do justtice to what was happening though as I was barely able to turn the pedals for a couple of seconds. This happened every time there was a steep descent.

Any suggestions appreciated!

Hi @Andrew_Fryer

Thanks for indulging an odd request. It sounds like we should do some a deeper dive into your situation one-on-one. Would you contact the experts in reading game logs and see what clues they might yield?

One last edge-case question from me: Is your KICKR Bike one of the latest models? About the cable that connects to the controls on the handlebar - is it magnetically attached, or is it the older-style hard-wired type? If magnetic - is it possible that your hand, or towel laid over the handlebar can brush up against that wire and is partially disconnecting?