Wahoo Kickr Core resistance doesn't change

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Listen - I think something is up with my trainer and I want to see if people can help me trouble shoot and maybe figure out what is up.

I use a BMC bike on a Wahoo Kickr core with Apple TV.

Since doing my last spin down calibration with the Wahoo App, I feel like my trainer doesn’t change resistance with the gradient. It’s as hard for me to push 200 watts on a flat or downhill slope as it is on a 15% hill. I basically never change gear anymore where before I was using most of my gears pretty consistently.

My difficulty is set at 100% and it made basically no difference. Now my speed per watt for sure is effected by the grade and that seems to working fine but it almost feels like it’s in ERG mode outside of workouts.

How do I check that? Is there anything else I can do?

Many thanks in advance.

Do the spin down from the app again. Afterwards, go into the wahoo app and try to “forget the kickr”. There should be an option to forget a sensor. Then reboot the Apple TV. I always force quit Zwift on Apple TV when I’m done riding by double clicking the home button, and the upsweep on the Zwift page.

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Hi @Federico_Cribiore
Shuji at ZwiftHQ here. Are you paired to the Bluetooth FE-C (controllable) signal, or the plain-vanilla Bluetooth signal? You might want to unpair the sensors and re-pair carefully.

Looking through your session logs on the server end, the usual prerequisites are all done: latest game app, latest Zwift Companion app, latest OS on both devices. You might check that the Wahoo’s firmware is updated. Have you done that with the Wahoo utility app?

Next thing to look at is the reliability of your Bluetooth signal. If there’s errors in that, the controllable part of that smart trainer will waffle along with it. Here’s how to locate your log file. Please upload that to zwiftalizer.com and see if there’s any spikes in the BLE signal. If there are, here are some tips to reduce Bluetooth interference.

Lastly - you might try manually uninstalling the game app from your Apple TV and reinstalling.

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ALSO - do the spindown test in Wahoo’s app, not in the Zwift game app.

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Make sure the blue LED on the trainer is blinking every 5-10 seconds when you are riding versus being solidly on the whole time. If it is blinking, then it is communicating with the Apple TV. If not then you will have a dumb trainer.

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Interesting! Since the last update, my blue light is on SOLID all the time!

Thanks so much for your attention to the matter.

I think I am just paired to the normal Bluetooth. I don’t even know what that first one is

So the best idea

Forget the sensors and repair?

@Federico_Cribiore Yes, forget the sensors. When you re-pair, look for the sensor with “FE-C” in the name. Try this as a first thing, and we can go from there.

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I experienced something similar not long ago. I used the Wahoo app, but didn’t force quit it on my iphone. When I went to do my ride in Zwift the following day, the Kickr was paired to the Wahoo app, and not Zwift. Maybe just force quitting the Wahoo app will do the trick. Did for me anyway. Good luck, stay healthy and ride on!