Resistance acting up

Please help. So I have had the wahoo kicker for a year and am connected to Zwift . I noticed from one or two free rides and an FTP that no matter hard I cycled and even if the course on Zwift had zero incline, it felt I was cycling up a hill.
My fpt was almost halved because my watts out out was so low.
I have done a spin down. Maybe I should delete the app and reinstall?

Hi @Sinead_Morrissey_KEO welcome to the forums. Do you use an apple device or iPad for Zwift? You probably need to Downgrade the firmware on the kickr. Search the forums for “kickr reversed gradient” and you will see hoe to fix it.

Hi thanks a mill , new to the forum .
I have an Apple TV which I use for Zwift.
I will search for this thanks . It’s another language .

Hi couldn’t find the working link. To downgrade soft ware. Is there a way you o contact Zwift /wahoo

This post has some instructions from earlier last year …

You would need Wahoo support for the firmware downgrade.