Wahoo Kickr resistance issue

Everything has been working flawlessly until the last 2 rides. When the gradient displays (-) negative - going downhill - trainer resistance increases. When the gradient displays positive, - going uphill - the resistance gets decreases. This is obviously backwards.

When I run the Kickr with the Wahoo fitness app and increase or decrease the resistance, the trainer acts accordingly so I’m thinking it’s got to be something between the Kickr and Zwift. Not sure where to start looking. I’m not in the Training section of the app, just riding various routes. Trying to correlate it to software updates as I know I’ve updated both the Kickr and Zwift and Zwift Companion app. Just don’t know if the problem started after I did this and of course I don’t remember when I did what when…

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Wahoo Kickr 2021
Wahoo Kickr Software V4.2.1
iPad Pro iOS 14.4
Zwift Ver 1.0.61591
iPhone 12 Pro iOS 14.4
Zwift Companion Ver 3.21.1 (1084)
Apple Watch Seris 6 WatchOS 7.3


Some people have had trouble with that firmware and have backed it out again. There have been some other threads on this.

It could be that while your trainer and Zwift are physically paired the communication is off. I would unpair the devices by power cycling your trainer and force closing the Zwift app (swipe it away) on then your reset your Ipad. “On switch and main button held together until apple symbol comes back”.

Oh, and make sure your trainer is not grabbing another device, like an app on your phone.

This should get them back in sync but also make sure your Zwift app is up to date.

Contacted Zwift and here’s there response…

I’ve checked with our team and they’re working on a fix for an issue where the resistance can sometime be reversed like you’re describing.

While there isn’t a work-around for this issue as of yet, the fix will come from our end and all you should have to do is keep your Zwift app up to date.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue improving Zwift. Please let us know if there’s anything else that you need assistance with; we’d all be more than happy to help!

Lucas M.
Member Experience Agent

So I guess I’ll just have to wait for an update IN THE FUTURE?? Need to get my subscription pro-rated, that’s my next step until this is fixed.

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In the meantime you can use RGT free tier in order not to lose workouts.


I had similar behaviour on my Tacx trainer a while ago … turned out that I had left the trainer connected to the Tacx Utility app on my phone after calibration so communication with Zwift was impaired. As soon as I disconnected the trainer from the other app it was fine.

@Anthony_Fontana I was curious to find out if you were able to get this issue resolve. If so, how were you able to resolve it as I have the same behaviour for the past weeks. Thanks in advance!