Problem with trainer resistance - Again

So, I am getting the same problem that everyone and their dog is reporting:

Zwift does not send the proper resistance to the smart trainer. Sometimes is inverted, the more the gradient in game, the easier the feel in the trainer. Sometimes it just does not work at all.

I have two trainer setups: Wahoo kickr v5, wahoo kickr 2018. Both have climbs, both have been tested with the previous version firmware, both with the new firmware.

This did not happen for 3 years, but started happening with the last software update on Zwift that introduced Neokyo.

When this happens, there is no error message, there is no issue reported. To fix it, I can power cycle the whole setup and it starts working again.

I’ve tried with or without the companion app active. Nothing has changed in my setup. This is getting very annoying. It’s being reported over and over again.

Does Zwift need me to order a wahoo kickr for them? Guys, I’ll buy one and get it shipped to you.

Please Zwift, stop ignoring this.

I’m using an Apple TV, always have.

See Wahoo KICKR reversed gradient [October 2021] - #71 by Dan_Dube