HELP - Trainer Difficulty Issues

Hi all. I have a problem I’m hoping someone can help me solve.

First, the quick details - I am riding Zwift through an Apple TV with a Kickr trainer. I have a Zwift app on my phone and on my laptop.

The problem - I have always rode at the default trainer difficulty setting - 50%. I never touched it. I decided to move it to 100% to experience what that would be like and to better mimic IRL riding. I moved it up, but instead of the result I expected, it seemed to produce the opposite result - downhills were harder, uphill was easier but I went slower (I.e., it seemed like it was in erg mode / what I expected the 0% setting to be like). I switched the trainer difficulty back to 50% but the result was still the same. I can’t think of any other Zwift setting that would cause this.

Hoping someone can help as it is driving me nuts!

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

Nothing in the settings would cause this. Have you tried this more than once i.e. leaving the app and coming back in re-pairing your trainer? Have you tried this on all three devices? Perhaps a hard reboot of your trainer (power cable pull) might help as well. Also, just double-check that there is nothing else simultaneously pairing with your trainer, like another app or device. Seems more like a communication scramble if anything. What you should find at 100% difficulty is lower inertia on the climbs and likely spinning out on steeper descents (or requiring a very aggressive gear).

Downgrade the trainers firmware

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This worked. I have the 2018 model, so downgrading the firmware one version solved things. Thanks!

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Hey Lawson - I was having the exact same problem. I am riding a Wahoo Kickr v5 and connecting to an Apple TV and using my Companion (on iPad) as a Bridge. The problem was also solved by dialing back my firmware. However, it was only solved if I connect directly to Zwift and not through the Companion Bridge. Zwift knows there are many issues here but has no idea currently how to fix. Do you connect directly to Zwift or through a Companion Bridge?