Wahoo Kickr resistance too high

Havent logged in to Zwift in 2 months. Looks like one of the last few updates broke something with the Kickr connection.
Kickr v.5 firmware 4.2.7
Zwift v 1.25.2
Connecting via: Bluetooth
Iphone 13 pro, v 15.3.1
Issue: in ERG workout mode and in free ride, trainer resistance is noticeably higher. I have it set at 170, and my power pedals read 210. It doest feel like 170 either. When working out in the wahoo app, power matches between pedals and the trainer and actually feels right.

I’ve tried performing kickr spindown, factory reset, software downgrade. Tried turning all settings in the wahoo app on/off. Tried forgetting and re-adding kickr to my phone. Tried resetting bluetooth module. Tried resetting all Zwift settings. Tried deleting and re-installing Zwift app.

So far nothing has worked. Nothing changed in my setup from 2 months ago, when everything worked fine, besides Zwift app version.

Would appreciate any help. Thank you

Maybe check your Zwift weight?

Weight hasn’t changed - 70kg. Tried adjusting - no luck. Read somewhere about Zwift not reading decimals correctly - didn’t help either.

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Hi @Daniel_Semenov

These are always tough ones for me because when using ERG mode, it’s my understanding that Zwift applies trainer resistance based on the app’s interpretation of the firmware.

You’ve already basically done all feasible troubleshooting for this issue (as far as I can see), so all that remains is to maybe try the KICKR in a few other apps (e.g. TrainerRoad, Rouvy, Sufferfest, RGT Cycling, etc…) and see if it’s only Zwift exhibiting this issue or if the same issue happens in ERG mode on other apps.

On the off chance that this happens on other apps (and not just Zwift), well then that points to culprit being the KICKR itself, in which case your best bet is to contact Wahoo Support.

If you discover that only Zwift is impacted, well then I suppose that leaves the Zwift app as a suspect here. It remains to be seen.

Checked ERG in Trainer road -
Works as intended, Kickr power and Pedals power match and feel correct.

Do you recommend any further troubleshooting steps?

No, I don’t. I’ll raise this up to a higher technical authority on the team and see if we’ve identified any recent trends of ERG mode resistance problems with KICKRS. It’s unlikely we have, but I’ll check anyway.

Otherwise, you should probably submit a support ticket to Zwift tech support. You can reach us here.

Hi @Daniel_Semenov

I heard back from a higher technical authority on our team and they’re wanting to know if SIM mode is also impacted by these resistance issues or can you confirm that the problem is only happening in ERG mode?