Wahoo Kickr - ERG/Training (iPad)


Im brand new to Zwift - Did a ramp test yday (1st ever session on Zwift), everything went fine and my set up felt like it was working fine on ERG mode.

Today I start FTP builder plan with ERG mode on, and as im working through the intervals im running into the issue where i feel like the resistance is too low on the Kickr, and im struggling to meet the wattage/RPM required.

For example, my target was 105w @ 85rpm and it was near enough impossible to reach those numbers as i felt there wasnt enough resistance from the Kickr and I was essentially freewheeling

Has anybody experienced this? Have any advice?


Did you try to change to the biggest or smallest gears.

I did. Made no difference

Really baffling

Search these forums for wahoo resistance. A lot of people are having problems with the latest wahoo firmware version. I have a kickr core and I don’t use ERG anymore but have had intermittent resistance issues free riding.

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