Kickr Power weirdly low and no erg?

Hi there

For the last few weeks my Kickr has been recording either zero power and speed, or a very low power and speed (like, 5 - 10 watts). It does this for about 5 - 10 minutes, then it eases off and reverts to normal and recording a normal power range as usual. If in erg mod the resistance will feel very heavy - e.g. having to stand to turn pedals at 100w. This occurs each time I log in, but eases after a 5 - 10 mins (but different amount of time).

On erg mode, it sometimes doesn’t operate as erg - it displays the target wattage as usual but won’t control the Kickr to stay at the right range.

Apple TV, Kickr Core (v.5), latest Zwift version and Kickr software updated.

I’ve raised a ticket with Wahoo, but any thoughts??

Test it with the Wahoo Fitness app and see if it happens there as well. If so, it’s a question for Wahoo support.

When I tested it yesterday looked like the same problem in the Wahoo app, so I will chase them again. Thanks

I have pretty much the same issue. Checked with the wahoo phone app. It recorded speed distance, but no power/cadence. I have a ticket open with Wahoo.

It’s the same in Wahoo phone app - speed/distance but no power/cadence. I will get chasing Wahoo