Cadence very low all the time

I use a Wahoo kicker and on Zwift my cadence always shows very low. I checked it by connecting it to my Garmin 820 today and for sure what was reading out wasn’t even close (like half) of what I was really doing. I did purchase a Garmin cadence sensor, but it won’t connect which is less of an issue.

Most trainers only estimate your cadence rather than measuring it. They do this by looking for speed/power variations as you pedal. All trainer models vary, but usually this can work well, however at low speed/high power combinations it can sometimes struggle. Could your example be related to the latter?

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Seems to be across the board even whether climbing, flats or downhill. Rarely gets over 60 rpm. Climbing is the worst and seems like it might be affecting speed up the climbs. My Garmn is usually saying about 3mph faster than what I see on Zwift and the cadence is definitely not close.

Speed will hardly ever match, the Garmin doesn’t see the virtual world and how that effects your speed in Zwift so don’t pay attention to that. Cadence on my Kickr is fairly accurate (I’ve never tested it with an actual cadence sensor to see if it matches, but it seems extremely close). Have you checked for a firmware update on your kickr? Maybe it just needs an update?

Thanks Mike. I will check that again, but I believe so.

I am having a similar issue it seems there is a worldwide issue with the wahoo kickr and gearing on climbs in freeride where despite being in the lowest gear possible there is still a high difficulty pedalling almost as if the trainer difficulty had been set to 200%

Definitely not the firmware issue unfortunately as I checked last night. The cadence definitely reads very well on my Garmin computer which is strange.