Wahoo RPM cadence sensor and misc.

(Gary Randolph(BTC)) #1

First, I’m very happy to be beta testing this!!! I have noticed a couple of things.
1.) Zwift finds my heart rate monitor and my Kickr. It does not find my Wahoo RPM cadence device if I choose “Cadence” from the devices screen.
2.) BUT, it must find my RPM cadence sensor because it does show cadence RPM during my ride. Problem is that the values are way off. As in my actual cadence might be 40 and Zwift will show 95. NOTE: I know that the devices are working properly because I also record data with my Garmin 910xt and it shows accurate data.
3.) I don’t see any place to enter weight (for me or my bike). That should impact what wattage Zwift tells my Kickr to apply.
4.) I haven’t had the option to ride with anyone. That button is inactive. I’m hoping that I can ride with people on Sunday’s group ride.

(John Ellis) #2

I have a similar issue with the Wahoo RPM sensor as it is paired but the value shown under the power is way off the from the actual cadence. I believe it is showing the virtual cadence calculated by Zwift.
Also, my Kickr resistance does not change throughout the ride when going up hill, down hill or drafting. It seems as if Zwift is not controlling the Kickr but only displaying the power data. I was under the impression that Zwift would control the resistance of the Kickr during a ride.

(Luc Belliveau) #3

My Kickr was reporting everything correctly last night and the only thing I was wondering was where do i change my weight as well?
I felt the Kickr adjust to all uphills and downhills. I’m quite pleased, but I’m very anxious to see a training workout in Zwift. I’m on Trainerroad.com now and love it for training.

(Jeremie Meitz) #4

I have the same issue. Rpm shows up on screen but no values during ride. Also zwift was controlling my kickr for about 30 min then quit controlling and freezing while riding and going off course.

(Mark Hudson) #5

I have the kickr but using all ant sensors from my garmin 800 (hr and speed / cadence) Are you guys using bluetooth to connect the computer to the kickr? I am being dropped a lot and was considering going to bluetooth but I dont have any other blue tooth sensors (and they dont work with my garmin so I dont want to switch)

(Ted Dysart) #6

I’ve got the Wahoo BT/Ant+ sensor with no problems on my first ride last night.