Zwift not showing correct cadence from Wahoo RPM sensor

As the title suggests; Zwift is not picking up the correct cadence from my Wahoo sensor. The sensor is working as I’m getting the correct numbers on my head unit but Zwift is showing me pedalling at between 20 and 60 rpm when in reality I’m doing around 100 rpm. I’ve changed the battery in the sensor, reinstalled the app and no joy.

Are you using ANT+ or Bluetooth to connect the trainer to Zwift?

If it is ANT+ make sure that the dongle is as close to the sensor as possible (I have mine on the floor under my crank).

I’m using Bluetooth.

How far away is the device that is running Zwift?

About a foot!

There could be some interference for other devices like fans.

If you have it connected to your head unit via bluetooth I don’t think it can also connect to the Zwift app. Try leaving your head unit turned off and see if Zwift will connect to the device.

What are you running Zwift on? Apple TV can only connect to 2 bluetooth devices (other than the remote).

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Having the same exact issue and have opened tickets with Wahoo and Zwift to hopefully get them talking. I have the Wahoo RPM bundle. I am seeing Cadence capping at 64 no matter how fast I pedal. The Cadence reported is always below actual, which is obvious if I use my Garmin instead of Zwift. The fact that speed is working fine and they are both BT and the same distance away would seem to rule out interference. Something else is going on here.

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+1 Exactly the same issue. RPM capped in the mid 60s. Did you ever find a solution?

I did, and it is pretty embarrassing. The issue was correctly identified as the Speed Sensor being assigned as Cadence. I have no idea how or why that would happen as I simply had Zwift pair everything automatically and I assumed that the sensor that was named Cadence and was for Cadence would get paired as Cadence. After I deleted the speed sensor and manually forced the cadence sensor to be the cadence sensor in Zwift, it is working now.

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How did you delete the speed sensor