Cadence is incorrect when using bluetooth with Wahoo RPM cadence sensor

When using the ANT dongle to connect to the Wahoo RPM cadence sensor with my computer Zwift seems to correct capture the cadence. But if I use the Zwift mobile link app or the new Zwift App on iOS with bluetooth both of apps incorrectly show cadence.

It seems like the app is incorrectly correlating power output with cadence for some reason. I can keep the same cadence but produce more power and watch the cadence in the app rise from 90~ to 100+.  I can keep my cadence the same and drop the power output and watch the cadence drop into the 60’s.

There seems to be some bug that is incorrectly capturing the cadence when using bluetooth.

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i just purchased the Lezyne flow bluetooth speed/cadence and am having a similar experience.  It seems like the cadence and speed readouts are not responsive enough.   For instance, when a rider passes and i want to speed up, i can max out my speed and it doesn’t seem to have much impact and i’m still falling behind.  I can see my cadence slowly rise, but not speed.  I’m using classic trainer fluid 2 so it’s somehow related to grade and the algorithm to calc simulated speed?  I also wish the cadence would update faster on the zwift readout.


I have what I suspect is a faulty Wahoo Blue SC (BLE only) speed/cadence sensor. It never seems to broadcast cadence, but does speed fine (I’ve tried with the Wahoo app, and it just doesnt work). I was quite surprised to see Zwift gave me cadence readings in my last ride. So I think if Zwift can’t get a good cadence reading, it must just guess … 

Same is happening here.  I´m using bluetooth connection with IOS app.  When I use the Wahoo app to check cadence I get totally different readings vs what I get in Zwift

Guess I will just buy ANT+ and connect to my laptop…