Can't use Wahoo Speed and Cadence concurrently

I’ve just started with Zwift, and can’t seem to use my Wahoo speed and cadence sensors at the same time. I can only use one at a time. If cadence falls out, I re-pair it, and the speed one stops. If I then re-pair speed, cadence drops out.

Anyone else had this?

Can you provide more info, Pc/mac/apple TV. What else did you pair?

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I just started also, and my Wahoo Blue SC works with both Speed and Cadence using ANT+ on my Windows laptop. The Wahoo also broadcasts on Bluetooth so I can also use my Wahoo Fitness App on my smartphone at the same time (mounted on my handlebars). So far the only problem is that the ANT+ sensor needs to be really close to the Wahoo sensors (within a few feet) - I believe the Wahoo broadcasts on the 2.4ghz band, which has alot of interference in my house (xbox, roku boxes, smartphones, etc.).

Zwift running on Android (Samsung S8) being mirrored onto Samsung smart tv. My Wahoo Tickr is paired fine throught, it’s just the other 2 sensors

Hi Gerrie, I’ve just seen a post you’ve put up on same topic from someone else. I’ve used wahoo app & trainer road via my android with all 3 sensors running concurrently. Perhaps two were via ANT+ and 1 bluetooth, not sure. Any idea if this can be done in zwift? Thanks for any help

HI Gareth: I don’t think Zwift on Android support ANT+ at this stage. Android Zwift is still in Beta and there is a lot of development going on.

Sorry for bringing up an old post, but is there a solution to this issue? Trying to run swift on Samsung Note 9 with Wahoo speed and cadence sensors, and could only get one sensor working at a time.

I’m having the same issue on an Lg G6 android phone. My wahoo speed and cadence sensors. work fine in the Wahoo app but cannot run both concurrently in the Zwift App.