Zwift can't connect 2 sensors at a time

So I’m new to Zwift and I already have a problem, Zwift don’t recognize 2 sensors at the same time using Bluetooth via Android Client. Both sensors (speed and cadence) are pairing but just the last one I pair seems to be transmitting information, the other one goes No Signal.
The first time I tried the game (yesterday) both my sensors worked fine but today I doesn’t work at all (already restarted my Android, tried to force stop other apps but nada) .
I tried to pair my sensors on other apps like Wahoo Fitness and they are working just fine and at the same time so the problem lies on Zwift side!

Anyone have any idea how to solve this problem?
I guess I’m dropping Zwift and going to TrainerRoad instead…

Hi, I had some issues when I went back and forth between app and or devices when pairing. Reboot and try again.

I have the same problem. I´ve jsut restarted the app, thedevice and nothing…

Is there any solution?

Model of device? Phone, tablet something else? What version of Android are you running?

Im having the same problem.
Take note both sensors work fine with other apps such as wahoo.
I think there is limitation with zwift when connecting sensor with Bluetooth.

Is this the wahoo blue sc or individual speed and cadence sensors? There have been some reports lately of Garmin speed and cadence sensors not being able to pair as well, or only one at a time.

So the only way i found to make both sensors connect at the same time is running the main client on my PC and use the Companion app (both on the same wireless network) with bluetooth pairing on via smartphone.
I hope this solution helps anyone out there with the same problem i had…

Podrías explicar cómo se emparejan?

Hi guys any updates about pairing 2 bluetooth sensors in the same time?

On my eyes is so annoying this issue.

Hello, I have the same problem with my two polar sensors (speed and cadence). On anothers apps function well, so whats happend with Zwift?

I have a Schwinn IC4 bike and i use a Wahoo tckr HR monitor and both connect to Zwift via a single BT USB adapter…