Android to Garmin 2 speed sensor not connecting


New to zwift and thought I could use my ant+ devices on android ,
Pretty disappointed that’s not on option but now purchased Garmin speed and cadence sensor 2,
Garmin instructions advise using the connect app before connecting to smart devices ?
Tried with and without but can’t get Garmin devices paired with zwift,

It’s a Samsung S10 android
Any advice appreciated ?

Don’t pair your sensors to any other app and also not in the android Bluetooth menu. Go to android Bluetooth settings and forget the sensors. Only pair in the Zwift app.

Hi Gerrie,

Tried it and that’s it working now and both devices paired straight away ,
Thanks for you assistance .


Enjoy your ride.

can you use both sensor toghether ?? I initialy find both sensor but after some second one of the two lose the connection…can anyone help me? regards

Same here iam using Garmin Speed and Cadence sensor 2 both BT and Ant+