Garmin 2 sensors with Samsung tablet/phone

Please help! I’ve read as much as I can on these forums without success. I have a dumb trainer for now and Garmin 2 speed and cadence sensors. I can get both my Samsung tablet and S10 to find them via Bluetooth and pair with them both. When I click on them in the Bluetooth menu it states I need an app to use them: I thought that app would be Zwift (or Z.companion), however in Zwift ‘pairing devices’ screen neither appear when searching for either speed or cadence sensors? I’ve unpaired then from my Garmin Edge as I read on here that could be an issue but don’t know what else to try?

Oh and I’ve tried them independently in the tablet and phone, impairing them from one before trying the other so they’re not paired with both at the same time

don’t do this. Unpair from the phone. Only use the Zwift app to connect to the sensors.

Thanks Gerrie, I tried to use just the Zwift app first before I tried pairing them with my phone/tablet and it just doesn’t find them!?

In Samsung Tab S7 if I have my Bluetooth headset connected Zwift is unable to find my assioma pedals. What I do is disconnect Bluetooth devices (or in this case I switch off the headset since it’s the only BT device I have connected), then open Zwift and connect to pedals, and only afterwards reconnect the headset.

I suspect this is a bug in Zwift and not a tablet issue.

Your tablet and sensors might be different but perhaps the problem is the same.

Thanks Daniel, however my tablet is brand new and I’ve not connected any other Bluetooth devices to it. I can connect both sensors to the tablet by Bluetooth but Zwift won’t find them, whether they’re already paired to the tablet or not. So frustrating! I not a big fan of indoor training but I’m recovering from injury so need to get some base miles/fitness in over the winter