Pairing Speed & Cadence Sensors

Can’t pair with Wahoo RPM Speed and Cadence sensor together using Samsung Galaxy S9+. Doesn’t seem to recognise using Ant+ ( although other programmes on this phone find and use both). Initially Zwift can find both sensors using Bluetooth, but after a few seconds will only utilise the signal from one sensor or the other never both. Anyone else been able to pair and use both these sensors on Android ?

I have the Wahoo RPM Speed and Cadence Sensors, but though recognized by my Galaxy S9+, they would not stay paired.  I moved the bike and trainer out on the patio - still no luck. I replaced the batteries in both the sensors, and was able to pair them more quickly but still only intermittently. I’ve had 15 Swift rides out of 75 attempts. I’m going to a smart trainer from the Elite Qubo Fluid Trainer I started with. The Elite Qubo trainer is not the problem, but getting a smart trainer that will send speed, cadence and power to Zwift on my S9+ will hopefully allow me to ride more reliably.

Thanks Jeff. Similar problem then. Mine was definitely pairing via Bluetooth and I note that the use of Ant+ with Android has been identified as being an issue. Hopefully there might be a resolution for that going forward. Otherwise might also have to make the jump to a smart trainer.

ANT+ on Android is not supported by ZWIFT. I would suggest to tun ANT+ off on your phone and use Bluetooth.


Gerrie. Is it something being looked at with a view to supporting it in the future ?

Alan from what I have seen they will look at it at some point. I don’t have any inside info, I just read all the Zwift stuff I can find. :slight_smile:


Remember Zwift Android is still beta and only a few Android phones have ANT+ capability, and those that have ANT+ is not stable with all software. 


I stand to be corrected but I think your phone has only one Bluetooth radio, and can only link to one Bluetooth device at a time. 

I don’t think that is entirely correct - I’ve used Rouvy on the same tablet as I’m testing Zwift on, and it happily connects to all the BT sensors I throw at it.

I think it is more a software limitation currently, where certain types of sensors cannot be used together. So, the trainer reporting power and cadence blocks other sensors reporting those.
For example, I have my trainer (Tacx Vortex Smart), heart-rate sensor (Wahoo Tickr), and Powertap P1 pedals. I can use the trainer and HR sensor together on Zwift, but as soon as I try to connect to the pedals for power or cadence, Zwift claims “No Signal” on both.
If I disconnect and reconnect the trainer in Zwift, the power and cadence from the pedals pick up all of a sudden, but I get “No Signal” from the trainer.

As Gerrie said ANT + is not officially supported now so it’s really a case by case basis. Even BLE can be kind of murky as we go along this Beta journey. Every report is a piece of pertinent information, thank you everyone. :slight_smile:

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Ok I don’t know why but this works for me after having the exact same issue. I turn on the zwift app, start pedaling, and hit the speed sensor pairing button. The app will find my cadence and speed sensors. If I just keep pedaling without selecting the speed or cadence sensor, the zwift app times out by itself and hits the “Let’s Go” button behind the sensor select window and both the cadence and speed sensor will be selected and operate perfectly. I have repeated this several times and it works every time. So I am able to use both at once if I select neither and just pedal until zwift starts on it’s own. I hope I explained it well enough, and I hope it works for every one else too!


I have been trying the Zwift app connecting to whahoo sensors via my Samsung S8 using bluetooth

Sometimes I need to restart to get the PC app to pair with my sensors (Heartrate Speed and Cadence) but from the start i suspected the speed and cadance sensors to miss report. In the start of the ride they under report speed and cadence the later they will sometimes come right. Once or twice they over reported as well. On my last ride I switched on my Bryton Rider device to read the same sensors via ANT+ while Zwift was reading Bluetooth and my suspicion was confirmed. Zwift read the sensors incorrectly sometimes even half the wheel speed and crank cadance. I also tried swopping the cadence sensor with my wife’s with the same result. Not sure what could be the issue?? Is it an android-zwift issue or something with my setup. My wheelsize is set to 700x32c on both.

Any update on if we can get ANT+ Android support, or even a USB C adapter to Garmin ANT+ support on Android? Happy to help beta test, I have an S9+ with built in support for ANT+. As a traveling Zwift user this would be invaluable for supporting my foot pod and other devices.

No update yet Jared but we will certainly let everyone know if those features are to be implemented. :slight_smile:

Still can’t pair the Wahoo Speed and Cadence sensors together with Bluetooth. Speed works fine alone, Cadence works fine alone, but as soon as you add the 2nd one they both stop functioning.

I’ve tried this with and without other Bluetooth devices connected(Wahoo TICKR and headphones) on an Essential PH-1 running Android 9.

Having the same issue myself. I am only able to connect either my cadence or speed sensor via Bluetooth, not both at the same time. They are the same make (not Wahoo though but work the same way) and when I pair the second I end up with ‘no signal’ coming from one of them. Bluetooth names show as BK6 C-574389 43 and BK6 S-574362 139. Maybe the app is not reading reading enough of the name (or only reads up to the space before thinking they are the same device). Sensors work together with no issue on PC using BLE and compaion app.

Also want to reply about the earlier comment about a phone only having one Bluetooth radio in a phone… You only need one Bluetooth receiver in a decice as it can maintain nearly unlimited connections simultaneously with no issues.

Had the same problem using Wahoo cadence and speed sensors with Bluetooth , one will work but the other drops out. Tested a cheap CooSpo unit from Amazon and Bluetooth on on my Sony Z4 tablet picks up both cadence and speed no problem… I’ll see how it goes over the next few days.

I have the same issue on my Huawei P20 pro. I tried to connect more types of speed an cadence Bluetooth sensors, but there are no combination to be able use 2 sensors in the same time. Any idea to what to do?

Same issue here. Using two sensors; magene cadence sensor and speed sensor doesn’t work on the Android app. Both will pair initially, but a few seconds later either speed or cadence will show no signal. If I re-pair it, then the other will say no signal. Heart rate monitor stays contected without issue.
Also, can pair without issue when using the sensors with Windows 10 via Ant+.
Seems to be an issue with the Android app, is there a planned fix for this?

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same issue with samsung a50 phone and garmin v2 speed and cadence sensor…only one works…toghether doesn t work…

need an update on android app

This worked for me as well.

sorry…i m italian can explain better yout procedure?