Pairing Speed & Cadence Sensors

(Alan Glendinning) #1

Can’t pair with Wahoo RPM Speed and Cadence sensor together using Samsung Galaxy S9+. Doesn’t seem to recognise using Ant+ ( although other programmes on this phone find and use both). Initially Zwift can find both sensors using Bluetooth, but after a few seconds will only utilise the signal from one sensor or the other never both. Anyone else been able to pair and use both these sensors on Android ?

(JEFF CARR-Atlanta) #2

I have the Wahoo RPM Speed and Cadence Sensors, but though recognized by my Galaxy S9+, they would not stay paired.  I moved the bike and trainer out on the patio - still no luck. I replaced the batteries in both the sensors, and was able to pair them more quickly but still only intermittently. I’ve had 15 Swift rides out of 75 attempts. I’m going to a smart trainer from the Elite Qubo Fluid Trainer I started with. The Elite Qubo trainer is not the problem, but getting a smart trainer that will send speed, cadence and power to Zwift on my S9+ will hopefully allow me to ride more reliably.

(Alan Glendinning) #3

Thanks Jeff. Similar problem then. Mine was definitely pairing via Bluetooth and I note that the use of Ant+ with Android has been identified as being an issue. Hopefully there might be a resolution for that going forward. Otherwise might also have to make the jump to a smart trainer.

(Gerrie Delport) #4

ANT+ on Android is not supported by ZWIFT. I would suggest to tun ANT+ off on your phone and use Bluetooth.


(Alan Glendinning) #5

Gerrie. Is it something being looked at with a view to supporting it in the future ?

(Gerrie Delport) #6

Alan from what I have seen they will look at it at some point. I don’t have any inside info, I just read all the Zwift stuff I can find. :slight_smile:


Remember Zwift Android is still beta and only a few Android phones have ANT+ capability, and those that have ANT+ is not stable with all software. 


I stand to be corrected but I think your phone has only one Bluetooth radio, and can only link to one Bluetooth device at a time. 

(Henk de Beer) #7

I don’t think that is entirely correct - I’ve used Rouvy on the same tablet as I’m testing Zwift on, and it happily connects to all the BT sensors I throw at it.

I think it is more a software limitation currently, where certain types of sensors cannot be used together. So, the trainer reporting power and cadence blocks other sensors reporting those.
For example, I have my trainer (Tacx Vortex Smart), heart-rate sensor (Wahoo Tickr), and Powertap P1 pedals. I can use the trainer and HR sensor together on Zwift, but as soon as I try to connect to the pedals for power or cadence, Zwift claims “No Signal” on both.
If I disconnect and reconnect the trainer in Zwift, the power and cadence from the pedals pick up all of a sudden, but I get “No Signal” from the trainer.

(Vincent W.) #8

As Gerrie said ANT + is not officially supported now so it’s really a case by case basis. Even BLE can be kind of murky as we go along this Beta journey. Every report is a piece of pertinent information, thank you everyone. :slight_smile: