How to pair?

I have a speed/cadence sensor, a fairly new laptop, an extension cable and an ANT+ dongle. When I try to pair the sensors on Zwift it just searches then times out. I replaced the battery in the new speed/cadence sensor just in case but it didn’t help. I have been trying to get this set up and going for three weeks now. New Years day, cold as heck, and I finally have what I need and it doesn’t work? Any ideas? What am I doing wrong?

What Speed and Cadence sensor are you trying to connect to Zwift and is it ANt+? Some of the older Wahoo SC are Bluetooth only if that is what you are using.

It is ANT+. Just purchased on Amazon since Zwift shorted it when I ordered and it said to be used with Zwift.

What is the make and model of the Speed and Cadence sensor? Are you pedaling when you are trying to connect it to Zwift? In the upper left hand corner of the pairing screen is the ANT+ flashing?

Yes the ANT+ was flashing

I tried pedaling and I tried pairing each sensor while pedaling and not.

Since it is also BLE have you tried pairing it to another device like an iPhone. You could also tried using the Zwift Companion App to bridge the Bluetooth signal to the Zwift app on the PC.

I only have the laptop available.

Does the laptop have Bluetooth 4.0 or above? I’m trying to see if the S/C will connect to any device to determine if something is wrong with it.

I’m not tech savvy. How would I know this?

I GOT IT! WHOOPEE! I’m out of my pajamas and ready to go! Thanks everyone!