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(Tracey Smedley) #1

I have downloaded Zwift, got a Cyclops Fluid 2 trainer, purchased a Garmin dongle,got the Wahoo BlueSC, got all the bits that I should have but when I try to pair with the sensors it just keeps searching. I left it on all night and still it’s not found anything. However, it immediately finds my MIO Link HRM.

Ive uninstalled and re-installed several times and it’s now getting to be a pain. I really want to use this but if I can’t even get the trial version working then I won’t be paying for it.

Please help… I have already submitted two tickets for a reply but all I’ve got is an acknowledgement and no replies.

(Y ohans) #2

Couple of things to check Tracey.

The sensors can only be paired if they are actively sending a signal. The magnets on the crank and wheel must be near enough for the sensors to be activated when the wheel and crank are rotating. So spin the cranks so that the crank magnets passes the cadence sensor and the wheel magnet passes the speed sensor. 

Once the sensors are active or “awake” they can be paired. 

Also, if you have an ANT+ dongle make sure that the speed/cadence sensor is also an ANT+ one. Bluetooth sensors do not pair with the ANT+ dongle. There is a different mechanism for Bluetooth pairing using you phone.

(Y ohans) #3

Also check out this video. 

(Tracey Smedley) #4

Please advise the mechanism for Bluetooth pairing as I think that is why it’s not connecting

(Jon Mayfield) #5

Hi Tracey.  Did you get a BlueSC that is ANT+ and bluetooth, or is yours just bluetooth?  They’ve made both.

Assuming it has an ANT logo on it, you’ll need to make sure the sensor is woken up and that’s done by wheel magnet and/or crank magnets passing by it. If the magnets are too far away from the sensor it wont be awakened.  I believe the sensor has a little light on it that’ll blink for about half a minute after it first wakes up.  

Pairing should take 5-60 seconds at most. No need to leave things on overnight.

(Y ohans) #6

Have a read here.