Wahoo Blue SC Ant+ not connecting

(Mark Toller) #1

I have a blue SC ant+ speed and cadence sensor. It does not show up in the cadence sensor search. I know it works with ant+ as I connect it to my Garmin watch via ant plus. I have the new micro ant+ garmin dongal running the MAC and PC versions of the software. same result in both OS. Zwift will pick up the Garmin cadence sensor I’ve taken off my MTB but I would rather use the sensors I already have attached to the road bike. Any ideas (all Wahoo firmware up to date) and if it helps I have a Tacx Smart Vertex trainer that is alao working ok (even if the cadence reading is a bit out of sync, which is why I want a proper cadence reading)


(Peter Newhook) #2

I was using the Wahoo Blue SC sensor for a while, but via Bluetooth, so the sensor is supported.

Do you get cadence readings on your watch?

(Mark Toller) #3

Yes, I can connect it to my Fenika and get cadence and speed. So I know they work in BT and Ant+ mode. I’ve got the wahoo tickR and that works fine with the garmin Donegal and Zwift. It just seams the BoueSC isn’t being picked up

(Crystal Haggard ZHQ) #4

Does your Wahoo Blue SC have blue figures on it that look like a swimmer/biker/runner?  If so then it is Bluetooth only and won’t work with Zwift until we implement Bluetooth support.  If there aren’t blue figures on it, it is both ANT+ and Bluetooth compatible and should be working.  

If it is the ANT+ version, try moving your dongle closer to the cadence sensor to see if that helps.  You can also try reseating the battery or replacing the battery if you haven’t in a while, the signal will weaken over time.  

If it still isn’t working, please open a support ticket and we can help you out there :) 

(Kevin Bourque) #5

Any idea when you will implement Bluetooth support??

(My R3) #6

My Yahoo BlueSC will not connect to the ANT+ system either. When I bought it about 2 years ago it stated BlueTooth (BT) & ANT+ on the website but I never tried ANT+ until today with the dongle recommended by Zwift … and yes it DOES NOT work. Looking at it now does have a kayaker (like),  runner and cycler in blue over the “Yahoo” letters, lists Bluetooth symbol but not ANT+ on it. Oh well… & craps moo-money down the drain. I had a Yahoo BlueHR stopped working just after the warranty expired. Next I bought the TICKR (BT & ANT+) and it works much better then the Blue HR and the BlueSC continues to work well in BT and Zwift recognizes it in ANT+. It would be great if Zwift recognized that the TICKR also does spinning cadence and no need to buy another item or use the BT iPhone work around…

Overall I’m pleased with the current product. I think the iPhone is probably one of the best bike computers out there and nothing else to buy (Yahoo/Strava apps are great, nice visual reading/dashboard, music controls, with large color and very detailed maps, etc).

I see Zwift has a beta version allowing for BT sensor connectivity through the iPhone. I wish I see it before buying the Zwift recommended $37 ANT+ dongle.  I have not tired the beta work around yet. However, I hope Zwift will have a un-beta BT version soon for everything BlueTooth.