Not picking up Wahoo Fitness Blue speed sensor

(Chris Freeman) #1

I have a wahoo blue fitness blue sensor which is working correctly with the Wahoo app on my Android but after I launch Zwift, it recognizes my Garmin ant stick in my Mac but when I select Speed and it begins to search, i get no results.

I’m sure I’m missing something simple but what is it?

(Christopher Pallotta) #2

Is that a bluetooth-only speed sensor? Zwift doesn’t work with bluetooth so, if so, that’s the issue.

(Chris Freeman) #3

It’s the Blue SC which is both Bluetooth and Ant+

(Steve Roessler) #4

i had the same issue as chris. Blue SC would not pair. my kickr did just fine though.

(Christopher Pallotta) #5

Hm. Not sure. Only thing I would suggest is unplugging/replugging the stick and restarting the computer. Also, make sure the speed sensor is awake and that you’re using a USB 2.0 ANT stick. The earlier versions don’t work. I’m guessing you’ve tried/confirmed all that, though, so the next step would be to contact Zwift directly or hope they chime in here.

(Christopher Pallotta) #6

Interesting, maybe a bug with the Wahoo combo sensor, then? I seem to recall using one of their combo bluetooth/ANT HR straps and having issues with that also.

(Brian Obie (WCCC)) #7

fwiw, I have a full Wahoo setup (KICKR, BlueSC, Tickr, and RFLKT+ not used indoors) and initially nothing paired running Mac Zwift. I restarted zwift and then everything pair super fast - like instantaneously. Using a Suunto Movestick Mini USB dongle. What I was really wanting though was to use the Macs built-in BT as I intentionally bought Wahoo gear to avoid building up ANT+ gear given that I ride with my iPhone anyway. Now that I bought the Suunto It’s not as important to me but still feels like a good feature to prioritize - BT support from Mac.

(Mick Neal INTENT - (C)) #8

My BlueSC doesn’t show up as an Ant+ sensor on a PC. Wahoo’s site says it is dual band but the instructions say nothing about Ant+. I just tried the Wahoo utility with an Ant+ dongle attached to my iPhone, no Ant+ cadence sensor. This may be because there is no wheel so no speed triggering and the sensor may require cadence and speed to broadcast. I use a cadence only CyleOps branded Ant+ sensor for Zwift.

(Rob South) #9

Chris, What is the color of the logo on the BlueSc? If it is blue and white then you have the older version which is bluetooth only. If it is all white logo then it is ant+ and bluetooth. That is something i just ran into and now am having to go pick up a new one.

(Steve Roessler) #10

Mine is blue and white. That’s a bummer.

(Chris Freeman) #11

Well that would explain it then, it’s the older model. I picked up a Garmin gsc10 today and it just paired successfully.

Thanks for the clarification.