Very low speed with Wahoo Speed Sensor

Hi all,

I’m new to Zwift. Before I post this I did some research in google and this forum. I didn’t find this issue common.

I am using MacBook and I paired both Wahoo speed / Cadence sensors. It picked up both sensors quickly. No issue with Cadence readings.

Speed sensor readings are very accurate when I roll the wheel in Device Pairing mode. As soon as I start the ride. Speed drops significantly. I bought an Ant+ dongle because I heard people saying older MacBooks don’t have Bluetooth 4 to connect with Wahoo speed sensor. So I basically disabled MacBook Bluetooth to make sure it’s picking only Ant+ but I’m sure this is not connectivity issue. Because pairing screen of Zwift shows correct speed and the Ride screen messes up.
I even changed my trainer type. Basically I use a bike roller. But that didn’t help either.

If you have another suggestion for virtual bike training other than Zwift, please comment. This has been frustrating for me so I’m ready to switch to another app.


Please read this:


I have the same problem, I have a set of rollers and then Garmin speed and cadence sensors and connecting to my laptop with a Garmin ANT+ usb stick.

When I pair my sensors it picks up my cadence and speed (60 RMPs at 20KM/h on the pairing screen) but as soon as I start a ride I keep my cadence on 70 RPM’s but my speed shows 3 Km/h and that is on a 1% gradient.

Is there a setting that I am missing here?


What “trainer” are you selecting when you pair the sensors, is it the “unsupported rollers”? We have seen others in the forum have similar issues with this setting. I am thinking that the power curve for this selection is way off.

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Yes I have selected the “unsupported rollers”

I would suggest trying one of the other selections for rollers, but I can’t speak to how accurate your power will be. It could be way off?