Connecting Polar Bluetooth Cadence + Speed Sensors

I’m new and just downloaded. I have a basic Tacx trainer w/o sensors. On my bike I have a Polar Bluetooth sensor for speed and another for cadence. Works fine with my Wahoo Elemnt computer. But when I try to start with settings in Zwift, it either detects the speed OR the cadence sensor, it won’t detect both. (I also note that it won’t detect any, including my Wahoo HR monitor, when I have my Elemnt turned on.) I am using a new-ish Macbook with plenty of power and a fiber internet connection.

Any ideas? I’m on lock down in Spain and would love to get riding!

Oh, and while I’m at it… I am taken to the Intro screen to set up sensors and trainer every time I open the program, as if I’ve never done it before.

Hi Jason,
bluetooth works differently than Ant+. A bluetooth device will only connect to one item. If your Polar cadence sensor connects to your Wahoo Element, it will not connect to your MacBook.
hope that helps.


That’s what I figured. I just wonder why I can’t connect both sensors at the same time to my Mac/Zwift (with my Elemnt turned off).

I’m sorry Jason I don’t know the answer to that. I’m sure someone else may be able to answer that. Hope so.

Thanks for your input, Troy!

Looking on the net, the MacBook can connect up to 7 bluetooth devices, although they say 3 or 4 is preferred.
I’m wondering, if your MacBook will connect to your Wahoo HRM and one of the Polar devices would it connect to a different brand for say Cadence or Speed?
Do you have a friend who could lend you a different brand sensor?
Just a thought.

I’m guessing it would, but I’m not going to install another one just to get Zwift to be happy with it.