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I have been using a Wahoo Speed, Cadence, and HR monitor to get onto Zwift. I know it is not a true source of actual power, but it does what I need it to. I have no issues connecting to my iPhone/iPad and riding with these sensors. I previously have ridden on my 2018 Macbook Pro via Bluetooth, but for some reason, it no longer works. I am able to connect all devices (Speed/Cadence/HR) to the computer and it pairs, but when I pedal nothing happens. I have paired/unpaired all devices, reset Bluetooth on my PC and reconnected through Zwift, but nothing seems to work. I am perfectly fine using other devices but prefer to have a larger screen and option to connect to a TV via HDMI. I have not used Ant+ and would prefer to save the money if possible. Any ideas of what can be done or if I am missing something? Any help would be appreciated!!!

You have a Macbook or a PC?

Either way, make sure your sensors are not connected to anything (including the Macbook or PC) prior to starting Zwift. When Zwift starts, pair your sensors.

Logout and log back in to Zwift. Also make sure it is fully updated. I don’t know about the PC version, but the Macbook version in my experience auto-updates on startup.

Since you also run Zwift from an iPhone, it’s best to ensure you’re signed out from your iPhone when trying to pair to other platforms. If your iPhone is in the area and Zwift is running, it may try to auto-connect to your sensors causing them not to pair in Zwift on your Mac.

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Thanks for the help. I rebooted my computer, unpaired and reset my Mac bluetooth, but nothing seems to respond. I previously used my Macbook with no problems, but it stopped responding recently even though it pairs all sensors.

When you are on the pairing screen in Zwift, you can pair all the sensors?

After pairing everything, while still on the pairing screen, start pedaling. Do you see the cadence values changing? Is your HR showing? I’ve never used a speed sensor, but expect that it should also show changing values on the pairing screen if you are pedaling.

Can you upload a screenshot of the pairing screen? We have to be missing something obvious here.

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Thank you so much for your input. I went through and manually rebooted my computer’s bluetooth. I’m not sure exactly what was wrong, but I reconnected everything and the MacBook finally responded! I appreciate all of the assistance!!

Good to hear you solved it. Not sure what you did, but a common solution/option is to delete the bluetooth .plist file and reboot. If that still does not work, the nuclear option is to reset the SMC and PRAM/NVRAM.

Either way, good to hear you are up and riding :+1:

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Hold down Shift and Option keys while clicking the Bluetooth icon at the top right of screen. It’ll give you more options and details.

For me after setting up a new MacBook Pro, and copying everything from the old machine, Bluetooth was switched on but the machine was not discoverable. Discoverable set to “Off”.

Screen Shot 2021-03-04 at 13.20.33

First I selected Reset the Bluetooth Module. No change.

Then I switched the Bluetooth selector off then on. Ta da!

Discoverable now “On”. The trainer and Zwift connect.

Screen Shot 2021-03-04 at 13.22.14

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