Zwift Companion + Macbook Pro

Hi there

I have a macbook pro that only have bluetooth 2.0. And then i have a wahoo ble dual bluetiith / Ant+ speed sensor.

Now obviously as the laptop only have Bluetooth 2.0 i wont be able to pair my speed sensor. Will i be able to use Zwift companion and pair my devices through the companion to my laptop. Or must i rather get an ANT+ dongle and get it done with?

Yes, you can use the ZCA to bridge the BLE to your Mac.

Cool so as long as my phone is on the same network as my macbook (old bluetooth) it will pick up my Wahoo BLE device? I dont need to connect the sensor to my phone…

Yep, they both need to be connected to the same router (the Mac can be wired and the phone can be wireless). Do not connect the sensor to the phone, that would prevent the ZCA from being able to bridge the Bluetooth signal to the Mac.

Im using an old iMac with BT2, although I can sync through my phone to my BT only trainer, I am using a newer Bluetooth USB 4.2 dongle without too many problems
( sometimes after working for weeks, its light stops flashing, it will not be found and I have to turn the iMacs BT off, disconnect the USB dongle, reconnect then turn back on! )