Controllable not pairing on Mac using companion

Just about fed up with Zwift if it’s not Apple Watch issues now this. Zwift on my iPhone pairs my Wahoo trainer as controllable but not on Mac since this last update I did yesterday. I use companion to drive Zwift on the Mac. Any suggestions? Thanks and ride on.

Hi @Jeff_Guettler9580 welcome to Zwift forums.

  1. If your iPhone still has Zwift running - it’s possible that the trainer’s Bluetooth signal is already bonded to that, and that’s why it’s not found. Pleas shut down your iPhone and wait 2 minutes so our server will terminate the session on the iPhone.

  2. If the iPhone is not running the Zwift app - you may have to reset your laptop’s Bluetooth module. Please follow the steps in this Support Hub article and let us know if that resolves it?

Thanks this didn’t work.

Is there a sequence I need to try? I think I tried them all

On Mac I started Zwift with phone turned off and in setting switched from USING companion to Bluetooth and it recognizes the WaHoo snap but not as controllable.

I shut down desktop app and open swift on my iPhone and it has the kickr as controllable?

I just can’t get the Mac to be controllable?

Pls help. Thx.


Same but with Windows 10 and iPhone. Restarting iPhone does not help.

There is a sequence of sorts - you have to pair to the Power signal first. then to the Controllable signal. At each step, there may be a lag of 5 - 10 seconds for the Bluetooth signal to appear. Be sure to give it some time.

Lastly - some laptop users plug in an inexpensive ANT+ USB dongle and prefer to use that instead of the Blueooth signal. Since your Wahoo also broadcasts in ANT+ you might consider that option.

Hi thx but not sure I am being clear.

It works on my iPhone. It is controllable there but when I use Zwift companion to use my Mac it is NOT controllable on my Mac.

If I just use Zwift on iOS it it controllable.

Since new update I can’t use it in mthe Mac as stated above. Please help? Thanks.


Why do you use the companion app with the mac, can’t you connect directly to it using internal Bluetooth?

Power source or speed sensor

What @Dave_ZPCMR Dave said.(Good spot Dave)

Unpair the speed sensor.


Tried that but it won’t even find the Wahoo Kickr. And I tried with phone shut down etc to make sure the kickr wasn’t connecting somewhere else.

At least with companion it was always working for years before with no problem.

I am fine to connect straight with Bluetooth to Mac if I can get that to work but that seems to have even more issues?


Thanks that was a bad pic. that speed sensor is not used that was just a time I was trying everything to see if I got lucky. The speed sensor is not used thx.


Did you try to Unpair different things and see if there is a sequence that work.

Hi thx yes have seemingly tried all sequences I can think of. Totally open to any suggestions.


This is hard. I am going to suggest something but it may be like me rolling a dice and giving you random info. :rofl: :scream:

Un pair every thing.
Pair Power.
If HR or Cadence pair Unpair those.
Pair Controllable.(if this work SMILE)
then pair the rest.

Also try deleting preferences.