Apple TV screwing with App/trainer

Yesterday I was forty minutes into an hour training ride when my daughter in the other room turned on our second generation Apple TV to watch a Youtube video. Suddenly ERG mode disengaged, the app and iphone companion app froze and I was unable to reconnect. I normally connect to Zwift using BT to a Mac book using a Wahoo Snap trainer. It seems like this is some sort of network issue but I’m unclear on how to resolve it. Frustrating.

i’ve had the same problem with my son connecting a wiimote to a computer via bluetooth in my house. for some reason, if he does that during a ride, my wahoo snap trainer disconnects from my macbook.

i think it’s an issue with bluetooth in particular (and possibly apple BLE more specifically – or wahoo snap more specifically) - the pairing on the other computer is somehow interfering with my macbook’s pairing.

i don’t have any workarounds – but trying ANT+ might do it.

Hi @Otto_Cosmopolis and @Dan_Dube
Wow, that’s super weird! I will forward this to our QA team and ask if they can replicate this.

I also suspect it’s a Bluetooth issue. Interesting that you are both using Wahoo Snap trainers and Apple devices to run the game app. I’d recommend you alert Wahoo about this issue. It’s likely they can address it with a firmware patch if it’s something on their end.

Would you report back if you hear anything from Wahoo?