Apple TV Issues

I just wanted to relay some issues with Zwift on Apple TV that I think I figured out and wanted to relay to others that may presently have the same issues. The last 2-3 months I have had various in-ride issues. (drop outs of simulation mode, stuck wattage, strange simulation resistance issues) I feel like I tried everything possible to try and fix the issue but I missed the one that actually fixed it. For the longest time I thought it was Zwift Companion having problems communicating with the trainer or the app. I deleted and reinstalled the mobile app, turned of all bluetooth devises in the house, I reset my kickr, I did a spindowns on the wahoo app and the Zwift App, I replaced batteries  I re-paired devices sooo many times, reset my router, turned off wifi on my smart tv, I even tolde my family to stay off their smart phones once. But what it came down to was one thing. I deleted and reinstall the Zwift App on the Apple TV itself. Duh, i guess. Hope this helps someone. Cheers and happy riding.

I spoke too soon. SIt started doing it again after a couple trouble free rides.


I have exactly the same issues (using Kickr, Tickr, DuoTrap, Swift Companion app). I, too, found that deleting and reinstalling the Zwift app on the Apple TV 4K worked — temporality. I’ve resorted to deleting and reinstalling the app before every Zwift ride. It works reliably well, but it’s a pain and time-consuming. It also removes some of the accumulated metrics, specifically the power metrics. No effect on miles, elevation gain, etc. When I submitted a help ticket, the Zwift help desk was responsive and suggested several approaches, though none really worked. Would love a permanent solution. I’d consider another platform, though none seem as inexpensive as the Apple TV 4K. Anyone out there with suggestions on a fix? Or on a better platform?

Stu 2,

I also would recommend not having any iPhones set up as Apple TV remote controls.
I set my phone up when I bought my ATV and thought nothing of it until I start troubleshooting Zwift issues. I was able to delete them through system settings in the ATV. It may have helped. Less is more, right?


Thanks, Bjort. So you’re not saying don’t use the Zwift companion app, right? You’re suggesting not having an iPhone set as an ATV remote via the ATV settings, correct? Did this resolve your in-ride issues?


Correct, I still use Zwift Companion. I was probably in the same predicament as you. It seemed like everytime I road I would change 1 or 2 things to see if I could narrow down the problem. I think my biggest breakthrough is when I unpaired 2 phones I had set-up with the ATV right after I purchase (at setup). I may have had one or two hiccups since then but mostly have resolve the issue (for now). I hope this helps, I know it can be frustrating. 

I think the apple remote pairing is in bluetooth settings on the ATV.