Apple TV Issues

(Bjortmund Malmhagen) #1

I just wanted to relay some issues with Zwift on Apple TV that I think I figured out and wanted to relay to others that may presently have the same issues. The last 2-3 months I have had various in-ride issues. (drop outs of simulation mode, stuck wattage, strange simulation resistance issues) I feel like I tried everything possible to try and fix the issue but I missed the one that actually fixed it. For the longest time I thought it was Zwift Companion having problems communicating with the trainer or the app. I deleted and reinstalled the mobile app, turned of all bluetooth devises in the house, I reset my kickr, I did a spindowns on the wahoo app and the Zwift App, I replaced batteries  I re-paired devices sooo many times, reset my router, turned off wifi on my smart tv, I even tolde my family to stay off their smart phones once. But what it came down to was one thing. I deleted and reinstall the Zwift App on the Apple TV itself. Duh, i guess. Hope this helps someone. Cheers and happy riding.

(Bjortmund Malmhagen) #2

I spoke too soon. SIt started doing it again after a couple trouble free rides.


(Stu 2 | CO) #3

I have exactly the same issues (using Kickr, Tickr, DuoTrap, Swift Companion app). I, too, found that deleting and reinstalling the Zwift app on the Apple TV 4K worked — temporality. I’ve resorted to deleting and reinstalling the app before every Zwift ride. It works reliably well, but it’s a pain and time-consuming. It also removes some of the accumulated metrics, specifically the power metrics. No effect on miles, elevation gain, etc. When I submitted a help ticket, the Zwift help desk was responsive and suggested several approaches, though none really worked. Would love a permanent solution. I’d consider another platform, though none seem as inexpensive as the Apple TV 4K. Anyone out there with suggestions on a fix? Or on a better platform?

(Bjortmund Malmhagen) #4

Stu 2,

I also would recommend not having any iPhones set up as Apple TV remote controls.
I set my phone up when I bought my ATV and thought nothing of it until I start troubleshooting Zwift issues. I was able to delete them through system settings in the ATV. It may have helped. Less is more, right?


(Stu 2 | CO) #5

Thanks, Bjort. So you’re not saying don’t use the Zwift companion app, right? You’re suggesting not having an iPhone set as an ATV remote via the ATV settings, correct? Did this resolve your in-ride issues?


(Bjortmund Malmhagen) #6

Correct, I still use Zwift Companion. I was probably in the same predicament as you. It seemed like everytime I road I would change 1 or 2 things to see if I could narrow down the problem. I think my biggest breakthrough is when I unpaired 2 phones I had set-up with the ATV right after I purchase (at setup). I may have had one or two hiccups since then but mostly have resolve the issue (for now). I hope this helps, I know it can be frustrating. 

I think the apple remote pairing is in bluetooth settings on the ATV.