Apple TV: Bluetooth Connection Issues Again

Updated Zwift app on Apple TV 4K and now Wahoo Kickr can’t be found on connection screen. Nothing else changed except Zwift app. This is a constant recurring problem nearly every time there is an app update.

Maybe instead of trying to get Zwift into the Olympics, the company could use some of that recent $100 million investment and make their platform work consistently.

I don’t need drop shops and more roads- I need an experience that is rock solid and doesn’t fall apart every time the app is updated to add a tree or shadow.

Try unplugging your Apple TV for say 5min, then plugging it back in. The power cycle should clear some “junk” out and perhaps get you going again.

You might want to double check that your Kickr is not accidentally paired to anything else. Disable Bluetooth on your phone, computer, etc…

I have been on Apple TV 4K for over a year. I have never seen this problem. Just saying…

I appreciate your suggestions and they are my standard troubleshooting routine every time this happens.

Glad you haven’t experienced these issues- I’ve been using Zwift on Apple TV 4K from literally the first day it was available on that platform. Connectivity issues are almost a given every time the app is updated.

Well, if this is a consistent recurring problem with nearly update, what have you done to solve it in the past? There have been a lot of updates since the Apple TV Zwift app came out.

Does it suddenly start working and remain problem free until the next update? or what?

Do you leave your Kickr plugged in?