Pairing 3rd Sensor on Apple TV with Mobile App Issue

I’ve been using an Apple TV 4K for Zwift since it was taken out of beta, up to this past week it worked flawlessly.  I use a Wahoo Kickr (Power and Controllable Trainer), Hear Rate strap, and a Wahoo Cadence sensor.  I’ve used the Mobile App on iOS for one of the other sensors besides the Kickr since Apple TV can only handle two additional BT connections.  

Starting this week, the Apple TV app has been buggy when using the Mobile App for connecting the third sensor.  I’ve tried the app on two different iOS devices, same issue.  When I go to pair the third sensor, the dialogue box pops up and says I need to use the Mobile App.  I do this (Mobile App is active mind you, I realized early on it needs to be on to do this), the app says it’s connected, and then drops out.  I go back to the pairing screen, it shows it’s trying to use the Apple TV, and doesn’t have a signal.  I have un-pair and then re-pair to get the third sensor to talk to the Mobile App.

Anybody else have this issue?  It’s a nuisance, but only really a minor one.

Kudos to Zwift though.  Support for so many platforms, and now having the option to use Apple TV is awesome, and we all should be appreciative of what they’ve done to make the hours in the pain caves bearable now.

I’ve created an email support ticket for you so we can troubleshoot with you further on this. It sounds like the root issue is the Mobile Link app dropping out, so we’ll have to see if we can figure out why that’s happening. Keep an eye on your inbox!