Apple TV and Bluetooth

i had a iPad and used it with my wahoo kickr with no issues. I switched to a Apple TV but keep having problems with only able to connect 2 bluetooth items. If my kickr is connected i can only connect my speed/ cadince sensor and not the heart rate monitor . If i get the heart rate to connect i lose the speed/ cadance sensor. Also I notice the picture frame rate is a bit slow? Anyone else having this issue? Thanks 

Known issue with the AppleTV OS, hopefully Apple fixes the issue in the future.

Is it just apple OS? The Zwift app fells very buggy on tvOS

I use mobile link to get around this - but would definitely prefer my 3 sensors to work directly with Apple TV.

Yeah tried that but still have issues with sensors not showing on the Apple TV but it shows up on the phone mobile link

Apple TV / iPad can only accept two bluetooth signals at a time. You need an ant+/bluetooth bridge like CABLE from NPE in order to collect multiple signals and send them as one signal to the Apple TV. That’s what I use.

But my iPad has no problem connecting 3 Bluetooth items and 1 time. And I have looked on Apple site and they say Apple TV can handle more then 2 Bluetooth items 

Hi Tyler, the AppleTV can support three concurrent bluetooth connections, but, by default, one of those connections is taken by the AppleTV remote.  This connection maximum is defined by Apple, not Zwift.  Some people have disconnected the AppleTV remote and instead use the Remote app on the iPhone.  This will allow Zwift to use all three connection slots.

Alternately, you can use the ZML app to bridge the sensor signals over the network to the AppleTV.  Just make sure ZML is running and has the “Bluetooth LE Sensors” setting enabled.  You’ll have to try to max out the connections in Zwift on the AppleTV, and then there should be a prompt to try to use ZML for the sensors because you’ve run out of connections.

if you scroll down in this post, someone added some screen captures to help illustrate the process:


The CABLE from NPE is great.  I’ve been using one for almost a year.  That could be useful if your sensors are dual-band.  The CABLE will take the ANT+ signals and rebroadcast them as BLE.  The bonus is that the CABLE will appear to the AppleTV as a single BT connection but with multiple services, one for each sensor being bridged.


As for the frame rate, do you have the older AppleTV 4thGen or the newer AppleTV 4K?  The 4th generation AppleTV may seem to slow down a bit on something like the ‘Road to Ruins’ course.  Lots of polygons and whatnot.  The frame rate also can drop if there are lots of other riders nearby.  I saw a nice improvement going from the 4thGen to the 4K version [still using the same 1080p tv].


Ride on!


I think the Apple TV remote counts as one of the three max - (sorry concurrent post)

I recently purchased an Apple TV box and, in order to get more than two Bluetooth devices going at once, bought a 4iiii Viiiiva heart rate strap/BLE/ANT+ bridge. 

It seems to be quite a nifty and simple solution to the problem.

From my experiences so far (I’ve only had it a week or so) it can be a bit of a pain to get connected to the phone app (I use Android in case that’s relevant) but works fairly well once it pairs. That written, I’ve noticed a little bit of ‘falling out’ the last couple of times I’ve used it. 

You can read a lot more about it here if you’re interested: 

I hope that’s of some help.

Can anyone advise how it is possible to unpair the ATV remote to free up the bluetooth slot?

I can’t see how it is possible.