Apple 4k TV says out of bluetooth connections


(Derek Carder) #1

First few Zwift rides my Apple TV was able to connect to speed, cadence, and tickr him. Today it would only connect to two of the three. I was able to connect the third using the companion app on my iPhone, but would like to resolve the problem with the number of bluetooth connections on the Apple TV. Nothing else was open or connected to the apple tv.


(Aaron Zwanzig) #2

The apple tv has only 3 bluetooth channels. One is taken by the remote, so there are only 2 channels available for sensors. After 2 sensors are paired through the apple tv, additional sensors have to pair through the companion app. It’s odd that you were able to get 3 sensors paired before.

(Derek Carder) #3

So I did not use the companion app at all the first half of the first ride and had date for speed, cadence, and hr. All three sensors were showing connected also. But, I was not using the app remote because the battery was dead. I was using my phone which connects with wifi.

Tonight when I had the problem, the Apple TV remote was plugged in and charging. So, perhaps while charging, it connected to the Apple TV and used one of the bluetooth channels.

(Lin Alan) #4

My understanding is that the remote whether connected or not has the bluetooth slot/channel reserved. Thus, you can only connect two other devices regardless of the state of the remote.

I suppose one could test this by taking the remote out of range and then seeing if you can connect a third device. If you can connect a third device, you can always use the iPhone remote app to control the AppleTV.

I don’t have a need for a third device, but maybe I’ll test this out of curiosity tonight.

(David Gibbs (Red Rider)) #5

FWIW: From what I’ve heard, the limit of 3 BTLE slots is not limited by hardware but a software limitation.

I have no clue why they would impose that kind of limitation.