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Hi there,

I started using Zwift with my smartphone and I was very happy with it if we don’t consider that the screen is very small.

Then I bought an apple tv (4th gen) and a 43" tv… But the situation is even worse since the apple TV apparently can be paired only with two devices at the same time, and that would be my trainer and my hrm for the heartbeat. This means the cadence sensor is out.

Somebody had the same experience? Any solutions?

Yes, run the Zwift Companion app on your phone and let that handle the Bluetooth Connections. It should do this automatically, haven’t done it this way in awhile, but there is a radio button in the upper left corner of the log in screen that offers the option of using the Companion app for pairing.

Thanks David. So the plan is pairing with the companion app and then I pair the phone with the apple TV? How?

Yep I have the apple tv 4K and I use the companion app and connect four bluetooth devices via that and not had one single problem.


It’s automatic if they both are on the same Wi-Fi network.

Ok, I’ll try that. So just to sum it up, I open the companions app on the phone, I pair the there devices (trainer, hrm, cadence), I just switch on the apple TV, open zwift and everything is already running because they are under the same wifi net? So the apple TV basically is bluetooth-connected to nothing?

First open the ATV app to the pairing screen then start the companion app. Then look at the radio button in the upper left hand corner of the ATV and see that the pair with Companion app is chosen. Correct the ATV is paired to nothing except the ATV remote.

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What trainer? Some have a cadence estimator that is overall very accurate.