Pairing Zwift Companion via Android mob with Apple 4k TV

Could it be possible, rather than to have a sequence of events with switching on Zwift, Zwift Companion, just to be able to choose with both running from start as to how I get choose to pair items on my Apple 4K tv ? ie 3 via Apple and 1 with companion

Good idea! 

I had the same trouble when I started using Zwift with Apple TV 4K, iPhone and the three BT sensors including Wahoo KICKR. Sometime Apple TV tries to catch BT sensors directly and lose some of them due to the technical limitation.

So, it would be good if a rider can choose manually how to get BT devices connected either through the companion app or the genuine BT transceiver of TV. Either a menu on Zwift or a suggestion before riding are preferable.  

I second this too. When Zwift Companion is connected, it’d be nice if the Paired Devices screen allowed the option to connect over Native BLE or Zwift Companion instead of defaulting all new connections through Zwift Companion by a default.

There’s lots of people with AppleTVs that want to keep specific sensors paired over native BLE while adding sensors like HRM through Zwift Companion and it’s really hard to get all that setup without heavy fussing with devices and going through the pairing process twice.