Apple TV, Zwift won't connect to Companion App - Help Please

I have a Wahoo Kickr Core, TICKR heart rate monitor and am using my Apple Tv to Zwift and it connects to each of these automatically.

I really would prefer to use the Companion App to connect my devices to my phone, and my phone to the the Zwift App but it autoconnects everything to Apple TV and my devices don’t connect to the companion app which should then sync to the Apple TV.

How do I reset this so that my training equipment will not connect to the Zwift Apple TV directly, and instead will connect to my companion app ? Do I need to delete the Apple TV app and start over ?

I have an AppleTV and I could be mistaken, but I don’t think you can do what you describe. Until the Zwift detects that the Apple TV BLE connections (2) are used up, I don’t think the Companion app will give you an option to pair devices.

With the latest tv OS (13.x) they added per app BLE access control. You could try disabling Zwift’s BLE access in the settings. AppleTV: Settings > General > Privacy > Bluetooth Sharing > Zwift

Any special reason you want to pair everything thru the Companion app instead of the Apple TV?

“Any special reason you want to pair everything thru the Companion app instead of the Apple TV?”

On the Apple TV App I can’t give ‘Ride On’ or chat to the other riders, or if I wanted to watch something else (Movie) while doing the training programs I can use the Companion App. But because I have my remote, the trainer, and HR monitor all connecting to the Apple TV I can’t get the companion App to sync to anything.

I’m new to the Apple TV app, used to do it on an old Mac, so if I’m missing something I’m all ears to try a different option

Put your phone in Airplane mode so that it is not using mobile data. Then, make sure your phone is on the same WiFi network as the AppleTV. After you start Zwift, have selected your route, and are starting to move, go ahead an open the Companion app. It should sync/link up w/your Zwift session after a few moments, switching to a map w/you as the focus. At this point, you can use the Companion app to give Ride On’s among other things.

If you want to use your phone to watch a movie or for other things, you can do that and switch back to the Companion app anytime you need the Companion app functionality (turns, Ride Ons, etc…)