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I connect my trainer and HR through appleTV (ATV)and cadence through the companion app. Until the update anyway. I used to get prompted that ATV was out of connections and did I want to use companion app. Now I get that ATV is out of connections and do I want to forget the other sensor. If I use the companion app to start then it doesn’t connect anything through ATV. I’ve never had a problem before and I’ve been on zwift for 2 1/2 years. Any suggestions?


  1. Have you power cycled the Apple TV?
  2. Companion connects to the ATV via WiFi. Please also power cycle your DSL / cable modem, followed by rebooting your WiFi router. It’s likely the WiFi needs to be reset.
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How do you power cycle the ATV? If you mean turn it on and off I did unplug it and then started over.I’ll reboot the wifi tonight and try it tomorrow. thank you

Physically unplugging is one way. There’s also two other ways to reboot using the remote.

I am experiencing the same issue, can’t now get to connect 3rd Bluetooth device through the companion app if using AppleTV.

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I’m experiencing same issue. No longer able to use companion app to connect third device. App still connects but no BT connection option for HRM etc.

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I tried the reset as suggested. No luck. After pairing my HR and trainer I get an error message when clicking on cadence that says either forget the device or unpair all so I can choose two different devices. Previously at this point I would get the prompt asking if I wanted to use the companion app. It seems to me this has been changed with this update. Not sure what else to do


I have the same issue, it looks like after the update you can only use either Apple TV or Companion and not in combination. Can someone from Zwift support please reply?

Same issue for me since last update

Repost from the release notes thread:

Hi, first of all thanks for creating this awesome world.

Unfortunately, the improvement made for apple tv bluetooth connection actually made it worse. There is no option to use the 2 BT ports on the apple tv now if i click on the use companion app button. It forces me to route all connections through companion app (android Samsung S10+).

When connecting through the companion app, my minoura kagura loses resistance control. And other sensors hrm, cadence, drops out intermittently. I had to resort to switching off BT on my phone and live with the 2 ports on apple tv (sacrifice either hrm or cadence).

Please rollback this feature. Thanks!

Here’s a screenshot (i asked my sister to reproduce the prob on her apple tv setup)


Firr, I have the same issue using my Apple TV, it worked perfectly fine prior to the update and now it’ll not connect an extra device (cadence). Why fix something that isn’t broken!!! So frustrating when entering races as you have to have Heart Rate connected to register result on Zwift Power.


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Same issue for me. Before the update I could connect my bluetooth sensors via Apple TV (Trainer and HR) and Companion App (Cadence). Now i can only connect via Apple TV or Companion App.
If i choose to connect all via Companion App, the possibility to choose the Trainer Difficulty in Settings disappeared! It feels like that the Trainer Difficulty is hardcoded set to 0 percent.
So before the update all worked fine, now not anymore. Please undo this change!


I have to agree with the masses here. Roll back this feature. Companion App has a tendency to stop for no reason at times. This wasn’t an issue before because as long as your trainer and controller were paired to ATV you kept rolling in game and would only lose cadence or HR depending on how you paired. Now, I can only imagine if this happens (Companion App crashing) you lose everything. Not a fan. Going back onto the Mac until this is fixed.

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Same problem for me, i emailed tech support- no response

Mathieu, please let us know if you do get a response. Can’t understand why they change things if they have been working without an issue previously. Do they appreciate how frustrating it is when things aren’t working as they should?

For now I can connect all 3 devices Wahoo Kickr Snap , Cadence and HR on Companion weras before I would only connect Cadence on Companion and the rest on Apple TV . Very frustrating change still. Being in the IT field I think they at missed this pretty basic use case or at the very least is a very very poor change communication on their part, and it will be a while before they fix it since they need to drop a new Apple TV version

Hi Mathieu
I find the Apple TV connection more reliable with KICKR Core. Power reading etc seems inconsistent on companion app. Does the companion app work with your trainer?

Yesterday it appeared that all three devices were connected but the “smart trainer” features were disabled. Was that due to connecting via ANT+ and not Bluetooth?

To ask the question that so many have already asked: Why break something that was working?

It appeared to all work this morning but have to admit it was my first time ever using this method

Hi @Firr_Asari_743872

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We’re investigating why the experience is different when you pair via Companion versus ATV’s native Bluetooth

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