Bluetooth pairing issues using iOS Companion app [September 2021] [v3.28] [SOLVED]

This is the discussion thread for players who are having problems pairing to the controllable trainer signal using the iOS version of the Zwift Companion app v3.28.0. We are working on a fix for this issue.


  • Can pair to other Bluetooth signals, but not the trainer’s controllable signal.
  • Using the Companion app on an iOS device
  • Using Companion as a Bluetooth bridge rather than using your computer’s native Bluetooth capability


  • Use the native Bluetooth capability of your laptop / device running the Zwift game app if that’s an option.
  • If your laptop does not have Bluetooth LE (v.4.2) built in to its motherboard - a USB dongle can add that capability to your laptop. If weighng this option - consider an ANT+ dongle instead of a Bluetooth dongle. It will allow you to pair to trainers and heart rate monitors that broadcast over ANT+, and many players find this protocol allows versatility and improved reliability.

Please also see this Support Hub article for details on the various ways to connect ANT+ and Bluetooth devices.


The posts below this one have been spliced in from other threads based on symptoms that sound pertinent (i.e. using the iOS Companion app as a Bluetooth bridge). Sorry if this threads reads like it’s out of time order.

September 20 update 1.17.1 still causing Bluetooth disconnections for me, worse than 1.17.0. Couldn’t continue my workout, because my bike wouldn’t reconnect. More details here: Bluetooth broke with update [September 2021] [1.17.0] [Windows10] [SOLVED] - #79

Using Windows 10 and a Saris Hammer trainer. Could not connect “Controllable Trainer” using Companion app after update. Switched to Bluetooth and was able to connect. Connected Companion app after making the connection and everything worked. A bit of a pain but a work around.

That fix doesn’t work Shuji. Zwift can’t see my Kickr as controllable no matter what order I pair controllable/power source.

Windows 10 Home v 20H2 (no Bluetooth capability)
iPhone 11 Pro running the Zwift app for Bluetooth connectivity.

Zwift sees the kickr as a power source but not as controllable.


I’m on a brand new HP gaming laptop purchased 31 July. Everything was fine until this last update.
Went on for the first time this morning since the update (1.17.1), and could not connect controllable through Companion. (I did not Zwift with 1.17) KICKR and Cadence is paired but Controllable is not visible:

Switched to Built in Bluetooth and everything paired:

Started a ride, and after a few minutes Zwift force closed.

Launched Zwift again, and this time using built in Bluetooth, KICKR is paired but no signal, KICKR Cadence is not visible and neither is Controllable:

This is a new HP gaming laptop, 31st July. It was purchased exclusively for Zwift and has nothing else installed apart from what it was shipped with. It is only used for Zwifting (we use Mac’s for everything else) But even so, I un, and reinstalled the C++, and Zwift itself, as recommended by @Shane_Miller_GPLama. Did not work.

I also deleted and reinstalled the Companion app, and rebooted my iPhone. Still not pairing.

I have always paired through Companion as it’s more stable with less dropouts. But now it won’t work.

In 25,000km and almost 3 years, I have never experienced connection / controllable issues like we’ve been forced to deal with in the last few months.

My conspiracy theory is… We all know that Zwift are working on their own bike, so maybe they’re constantly messing with connection stuff to make it work with their own bike that’s in development as a priority, rather that the paying customers, and those changes are affecting us all. As @Dave_ZPCMR said a while back, connection “should have been sorted years ago never to be touched again”

That’s concerning, ignoring connection issues it shouldn’t just die unless you’re messing about with overclocks etc. What are the specs of the laptop, out of interest? CPU and GPU.

HP Pavilion 15-ec1006na 15.6 Inch Full HD IPS Gaming Laptop. AMD Ryzen 7 4800H, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti (6 GB Dedicated) Graphics, 8 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD, Windows 10 Home 64.

It was bought exclusively for 4K Zwifting. Not used for anything else at all.

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Cheers, yeah there’s no reason the game should randomly crash on that. Ordinarily I’d have a suggestion but… :confused:

Get an ANT+ dongle and extension USB cable. ANT+ is far more stable on windows 10.


I have one. In my experience BT is more reliable. What I want is the direct connection for my KICKR5, but seems Zwift are more interested in introducing and then subsequently fixing the aero and weights of drop shop bikes and wheels, than actually fixing important things


I use Apple TV & have not yet seen update for 1.17.1? I am still riding without any resistance since 1.17 :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Companion app that previously worked well is now useless :man_facepalming:

I am on Apple TV with everything up to date. Everything pairs fine; however, the calibration wrench pops in Zwift and no matter how many time I try to calibrate it show “Calibration Fails”. If I turn off “Controllable” the wrench disappears. All the wattage is messed up and almost impossible to do workouts or race. Cmon’ Zwift fix that…Please!!! Everything worked fine so far with a little hiccups, but with the last update…everything is screwed.

The 1.17.1 update was just for Windows, I believe. All other platforms are on 1.17.0.

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@Steve_Hammatt and @Craig_Doherty
This is correct. The v1.17.1 patch we released on Monday was only for Windows machines.

At this point, the iOS Companion glitch is being investigated on the Companion app side of things.

Good to know you’re working on it I guess… my laptop does seem to be able to do this but it doesn’t connect with my Apple Watch so I must decide between erg mode and heart rate monitor. Is the a work around for the Apple Watch as HRM?

I’m having the issue described here. The Controllable and Steering options on my Kickr Bike aren’t detected through the iOS companion app to a PC.

I prefer to use the iOS companion app since my PC doesn’t have Bluetooth and I want to sync my workout to Apple Health.

Is there a way to sync the workout to Apple Health when using Zwift on a PC? I have free Strava and Garmin accounts connected to Zwift. If there is, I would consider buying a Bluetooth dongle to temporarily solve the issue.

I did a workout this morning. KikrV5, ATV and connecting directly rather than via the companion app. About an hour into the workout all connections were lost and this has never happened before (been using for 2 years). I switched to the companion app and as previously experienced recently the ERG aspect wasn’t working despite connecting correctly. Then I switched back to the ATV to connect directly and it was fine again.

It’s very frustrating to have to play around in the middle of a workout. Everything was fine until the most recent update to the companion app. Now for the first time I am getting problems directly connecting to ATV also. I really hope they can fix this soon as it is becoming almost unusable.

I’m having the same issue. . . in addition to other issues.

I know…I almost want them to just stop updating hahaha. However, I turned the controllable off and there is no issue. However, I am not going to be able to do any ZA training rides.