Kickr Bike and latest sw update

My Kickr Bike will no longer connect as “Controllable” following the update - power and cadence connect ok. I have a fairly new PC (not a potato) and connect via companion app. I have rebooted both PC and bike.

This doesn’t happen if i use Zwift on Apple TV with Companion.

Anyone else experience this?


Yes there are plenty of people experiencing a lot of issues right now across all the techologies you mention triggered by one of the last 3 releases. Search the forum and you will see thread aplenty on them . Sorry I cant specifically point you to correct thread for your issue , firstly as for now its not affecting me ( tacx neo - but its only a matter of time I am sure :frowning: ) and Its a bit chaotic and haphazard on what is fixable , known , related etc because there is no zwift system for acknowledging and tracking issues with us , and support process itself not using tracking references. Seems some issues are picked up and others ignored completely . I think your specific issue however is currently sitting in the long term not acknowleged or fixed :cry:

Suggest you need to probably contact support on a one to one basis on this one perhaps.

I think i saw a mention of the order of which you pair power and controllable will fix this. One of them has to go first and then the other will pair correctly.

(Handy that I went from that thread straight to here I suppose!)

it does not work for my Kickr Bike - I have a MacBook Pro using Ant+ for Power and Cadence will not connect or even attempt to connect bluetooth for controller which enables steering

this has not worked since the Mid-July release

The issue is their merges at the end of sprints - if they would not wait till the end of sprint to release fixed or new features but roll them out as they test and complete - their merges of code would be much simpler

@shooj when do you expect this to be fixed?