Apple TV and New Wahoo Kickr

Equipment: Latest Apple TV, Wahoo Kickr that includes Cadence and a heart rate monitor. I am unable to get the companion app to communicate with Apple TV. My suspicion is that as the Kickr has cadence included it does​ not see it as a ​separate sensor and therefore my devices do not exceed the​ Apple TV limit​ of 3 Bluetooth​ devices​. Is there​ a way to get around this and get the Apple TV to see the Zwift Companion App. Any help would be appreaciated

I’m a little confused. Why do you want/need your Companion app (or, really, the device running the Companion app) to connect to the Apple TV? Also, you mentioned that you have the Wahoo Kickr and a HRM. Is the HRM also connected to the Apple TV? If so, you’ve then used up all of the available BT connections (Kickr, HRM, ATV remote).


The companion app is much more user-friendly that the Apple TV remote for doing things in Zwift such viewing angle, thumbs up and text messages etc. Apple TV allows 3 connections but includes the remote so I only have two other connections. ( Kickr and HRM) And this all works fine. However, I want to use the companion app.

You have to use 3 or more and then apple TV will prompt if you want to use the companion app. It won’t ask if you only pair 2 bt sensors.

Oh and you can still use the companion app even if you don’t pair bt sensors with it.

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So could I just bring a powermeter from another bike to pair then not use it.


Why would you. You can use the app anyway. Just use the app and don’t pair with it.


But it does not go into game mode so I dint get all the controls

I can see the activity but I do not get the game screen to enable me to do all the things you can do with the companion app.

That’s a WiFi issue then. Disable data and make sure you connect to the same WiFi. Companion app should show activity plus controls etc.

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Lars is right on. The Companion app does not need to connect to Zwift, just to the same WiFi network on which you are running Zwift. So, make sure that ZC and Zwift game are on the same network, and same frequency, and you should be good. Also, it can help to always force-quit both the Zwift app on the ATV and the ZC app on your iPhone/iPad before starting a ride. For some reason not doing this can sometimes cause the Companion app to not connect to the game.

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These are the screens I get with my companion app. As you can see it recognises the activity but no gaming screen. Can you tell me why.

I can’t tell from the screenshots, as that doesn’t have any information regarding what WiFi network ZC or Zwift game are connected to. Also, have you force-quit (swipe up) the ZC app on your phone, and then launched it again?

Hi Nigel

I only have one network and they are both on it.

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AS a matter of interest when you finish a ride you a get a ride report . Once you close down the app how do you access that ride report again.

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go back into the app you will have events and activities, tap activities and it will show you your ride, there are 3 tabs at the top, Feed, Favourites, Just Me, you want to look at Just Me👌

Hi Nick

I did this but how do i get the breakdown there doesn’t seem anything else to select.

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have you thought of linking your zwift account with strava or any others they have to offer?

With regard to the ride report, it is only available at the end of the ride. Once you leave the activity it is gone forever. However, if we can figure out how to get your ZC app to connect to your rides, you would be able to take a picture of this screen at the end of your ride, before you exit, and then that photo would be uploaded to Zwift (and Strava, if your account is connected) so that you could go back to look at it.

Any luck with getting the ZC app to connect to your live ride after force-quitting the ZC app? One other thing to try would be to check your router settings and set the WiFi channel to a fixed channel (like 1), instead of letting the router pick a channel. Sometimes the router changing channels during a ride can cause a disconnect.

I have the same setup and the same problem. Companion app does not go into game mode. Shutting it down doesn’t help neither and they re both on the same wifi network.