Apple TV - KICKR Bike cadence sensor won’t connect

Zwift connects the bike, steering and bike power but won’t connect the cadence sensor so can’t use Zwift. There is no problem with the bike as all sensors connect to Rouvy and Wahoo X and RGT. Anyone got any ideas?

Cadence is optional in Zwift and doesn’t really do anything anyway (other than display). So it shouldn’t stop you Zwifting.

The Apple TV is limited to three bluetooth connections including the remote. Are you pairing through Companion?


The Apple Tv is limited on connections as Steve mentioned, but if you’re using the Wahoo Kickr smart bike, it should have cadence built in. If you click on the Cadence icon in the pairing screen, does the bike come up as an option to pair?

You mentioned it works with the other apps, you’ll want to make sure those other apps are fully closed out and not running in the background stealing the signal. That way Zwift can pair to all of the bike sensors.

You can reach out to our support staff if you’re still needing help with troubleshooting this.

Hi ,

When. Click on the cadence icon the bike doesn’t appear

I’m having the same issue and although the power and resistance are connected the avatar doesn’t move.

If I connect via the companion app it all works fine.

Never had a problem with it until last week.

I had to pull the power cable out of the Apple TV box and wait a few seconds then reconnect, all good when rebooting.