Zwift on Apple TV


I have a question i am hoping someone can help me with. I used to use zwift for months on my windows laptop without problems. Because of when I am zwifting my partner can’t use the laptop so I have been searching for a solution.

I bought an apple tv and installed zwift on it. Now when I ride my bike the bike on the screen doesn’t move. I tried rebooting the apple tv and tried some other maps without results.

I really hope that someone can help me with this issue.

Help is very appreciated!

What is the rest of your set up? ATV will only connect via Bluetooth, so I think you will need a BT enabled trainer (as well as any other device you want to connect). What does your pairing screen look like?

Hi Nigel,

Thank you for your help.

The Apple TV is a 4th generation. The trainer in use is a Wahoo Kikr Core, connected via bluetooth.

The paired devices screen says that the power source and controllable is connected.

Hmm. Interesting. When you pedal your bike (on the pairing screen or in the actual game) do you see any power numbers appearing on the screen? If so, I would be confused as to why your avatar would not move. But if you are not seeing any power numbers (after a few seconds of pedaling) that would seem to indicate something not working with the pairing. Have you also checked in the Wahoo app to ensure that your trainer is actually working? The first Kickr Core I purchased had a non-functional power sensor and I had to return it. (I have since even returned the replacement in favor of a Tacx Neo 2.)

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This will happen if you do not have an active subscription or if you used your trial distance.

@ Nigel: When I pedal the avatar just goes sitting on the bike but is not moving. I don’t see any numbers. Is there a Wahoo app on apple tv to see/test that everything is working? I think that the Wahoo trainer is working since the avatar sits on the bike when pedaling.

@Jeffrey: I didn’t add my bank account to my appleid. I just connected a Itunes gift cart. I got the message that I got one week trial and that the active subscription will start after that week. I did installed the application about 2 months ago and kept zwifting on my windows laptop. Now that my subscription on my laptop expired I went to my apple tv. So if that is the issue? What do you recommend me to do? Do I have to wait for one week or…?

I am not sure if there is a Wahoo app for ATV, but there is one for iOS (iPhone/iPad), so you might try there. When I started Zwift I was on a PC and got the free 7-day trial, but then decided I would go the ATV route and got another 7-day trial there when I downloaded the app. Never any issues with the avatar not moving, though. Perhaps check your Zwift account ( on your computer to see what your account status is and/or contact Zwift support. If your avatar is going from a leg-on-the-ground stance to a both-feet-on-the-pedals position when you start pedaling, though, I would think that Zwift is getting some sort of signal. Perhaps you just need to do the zero-offset calibration for your trainer (also done in the Wahoo app) in order to get the power settings working properly.

This is what my pairing screen looks like when paddeling.

When I start paddeling I get to see this and the avatar isn’t moving.

Thank you for your help!

On the first picture your pairing screen show all your sensors are working correctly.

On the second picture it show “TRAIL EXPIRED” it look like yous new subscription is not in the system.

As @Nigel_Tufnel said check your Zwift account.

Yes that is what I think but when I made my appleid I didn’t choose to add my bankcredentials. Instead I took an Itunescard. Is it possible that this gives a problem or do I have to buy a zwift subscribtion and enter the code directly into my swift account? Will the subscribtion activate on apple tv or on my windows pc?

The reason why I ask is because apple tv and windows are two defferent platforms and I had a subscribtion before on windows.


To my knowledge your subscription should carry over between different devices. I can Zwift on Pc and Android with the same subscription.

I found this on Zwiftinsider
If your Zwift subscription is managed through iTunes/Apple, resubscribing is easy.

Just go to Settings, tap on your name at the top, then click “Subscriptions”. Tap Zwift in the list to manage your subscription.

That constanly fails when I try to renew my subscribtion.

I’d encourage you to submit a support ticket and point them to this thread.
Just copy this with your message so they can find it easaly “Zwift on Apple TV