Avatar not moving?

Using lates Apple TV
everything syncs right but no power showing, meaning no avatar riding.
I see a lot of this questions but no answers, I have enough been confined at home to on top of that go crazy with Zwift too.
Paying a monthly fee to only be able to use it twice its not right.
help please

Hi @joan_boada welcome to Zwift forums.
Shuji at Zwift HQ here. If your avatar is not moving, here are some common reasons why not. It’s usually an interruption in the speed sensor’s signal. The most common error is a tired battery. Have you replaced the battery in your speed sensor?

In your case, I’m looking at your session logs on our server and I’m noticing something odd. Your Cadence Sensor B13A appears to be paired as both the cadence device AND the speed device. B13A is its ID number you see too, yes?

Not sure how that happens, but anyway - please replace the battery in both sensors. First pair the speed sensor, followed by the cadence sensor. Would you let us know what happens?

Lastly - it’s good practice to regularly power off your Apple TV regularly and power on to reboot its Bluetooth radio.


thank you for the answer, today I did the power off to reboot the Apple TV. I got a speed sensor from Garmin in the back wheel and a wahoo on the crank arm. They both work on my Garmin an wahoo computer, not sure why this is happening but I will try.
thanks again


Your Apple TV uses only Bluetooth. It does not have an ANT+ radio, so can only pair via Bluetooth.
Because Bluetooth creates a one to one connection (meaning if it’s already paired to something else, it’s not available to the Zwift app). Is the computer on your bike’s handlebar turned on by any chance?

It is possible that the bicycle computer is stealing the speed sensor’s signal from the Zwift app. Please turn the bike computer off while you’re Zwifting. The same applies to the Garmin Connect app running on your smartphone. Please make sure that’s force-closed, or uninstall it to be 100% certain that’s not interfering.